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Master of Ceremonies

Rubén cardoso

Rubén Cardoso, the legendary impersonator of El Comodín in Sitges and El Cangrejo del Raval in Barcelona, lands at Sitges Queer Fest and El Prado to perform a very personal show.


The Argentinian, who refuses to reveal how many years he has been performing.

He is the star of the first show at Sitges Queer Fest 2022, with the cabaret theatre Cardoso Live!

And now he gives us the gift of his humour and his stage presence as master of ceremonies in this final of Queer Talent.

El jury

Jimmy Shaw

Jimmy Shaw is an American actor.

He lived his childhood on the East Coast and at an early age he chose theatre, which made him move to New York, where he attended acting classes and participated in Broadway shows. He decided to live an adventure and came to Spain. In Spain he has worked in the series 'Tierra de lobos', 'La que se avecina' and 'Águila Roja'.

In addition, Jimmy lives in Sitges.

Cristina Falcinellà

Cristina Falcinellà is becoming increasingly popular in Sitges and the surrounding area thanks to her voice and her special touch on stage. She is one of those singers that you start and can't stop listening to.

A personal, intimate voice that makes the songs her own.

We met her at the Sitges Queer Fest 2021, where she premiered the highly personal concert “KHAIREMERI Project Queer intersections”.

Antonio del Valle

Actor of theatre, cinema and TV, he has a professional career of more than 25 years. His versatility as an actor has led him to work in different theatrical disciplines ranging from comedy theatre, the purest gestural theatre and musicals.


The last super-production where he has worked has been in the musical comedy La Jaula de las Locas Nostromo Prod. at the Tívoli Theatre in Barcelona in 2018.

He is currently touring around Spain with the musical comedy La Jaula de las Locas (2022-2023).

Also based in Sitges, he now collaborates with the Sitges Queer Fest as a member of the jury.

Dave Zulueta

The atmosphere of love for culture and freedom in which his family brought him up forged his philanthropic personality with strong musical and poetic references. He has been trained in dance, music and theatre at different stages. At the ESAD in Malaga he began his career in Dramatic Art, which was interrupted by his entry to the Academy of Operación Triunfo.


In 2011 he discovered the Catalan language and embarked on self-taught language learning. Now he is immersed in a process of search and personal and artistic rebirth after the great "boom" that the program meant in his life and in the midst of promoting his first book "A poet in silence".

He opens the Sitges Queer Fest presenting the first show, Queer Varietés, and doubles up as a member of the jury for the final of the Colors Queer Talent Show.

Actuaciones especiales

King G.

Second finalist of the Sitges Queer Fest 2021, she is an artist with a sense of self-confidence who gets the audience into her pocket as soon as she steps on stage.


Because she steps on it like a goddess.


Rapper, activist, queer, non-binary, in fact, no adjective defines her. Or all of them...

She writes her own songs.


King G. is spectacle.

Gvillermo Rueda

Prime finalist of the Sitges Queer Fest 2021, he is a very young composer, singer and musician with a long experience on stage.

He has several music videos and singles to his credit. He also composes both the lyrics and the music of his songs.


Gvillermo (with a V for victory) Rueda is a promising young artist who will give a lot to talk about.

Artistas finalistas Queer Talent

La loba

Song & drag queen in pure queer style.

I'm Bernhard "La Loba" is German, 57 years old.

He has been living in Barcelona since 2013. He has studied Russian and English literature and is trained in journalism.

He is a versatile artist who defines himself by what he does from the heart. He is a writer and has been singing since the 1990s, when he started singing in LGBTI choirs in Germany. Singing is his passion.


His aim is to entertain himself and others, which is why he dresses in a skirt.

Versión Belga

I'm Patrick lems, my stage name is Patrick lems. 

I've been living in Spain for 20 years now. I am from Brussels (Belgium).

I have been singing for more than 30 years. I started with French songs like brel, mauranne. Then I changed direction towards pop rock, Frank Sinatra style jazz and gospel.
I am a positive person and a fighter.

I have the pleasure to be accompanied by Alejandro Leguizamo, Argentinian guitarist.

kevin jackson

Kevin is a 22 year old young man who started acting and imitating Michael Jackson more than ten years ago as an autodidact, sewing his own clothes and dancing.


He studies artistic baccalaureate, specialising in performing arts, and for a little over a year he has had his own company of amateur artists.


He defines himself as an artist, creator and queer.


Berni is a magician and the son of a magician.

After 40 years dedicated to illusionism, especially to children, and 20 years as a hospital clown, he is presenting himself to this Queer Talent to take a step forward and to be able to do an illusionism show that he never dared to do. It's never too late if you want it with your heart.

He promises to enjoy himself. And if the audience enjoys it too, so much the better.

yei Forero

Colombia (1995).


PhD student in contemporary art research, performer with notions of minimalist contemporary dance and textual theatre.

Fuses aspects of Latin and Iberian culture, references from pop dance, symphonic pop and European video dance. He is especially interested in identity, contrasts and creating atmospheres.

yanis stone

My name is Yanis Stone. I am a singer, songwriter and musician.

I learned to sing and play the piano on my own. I also create all my looks and make-up because it is my passion.

My most important goal and purpose in life is to bring people together through my skills, art and technology.

I use my voice to reach a person's soul, underlining every performance with a stage persona; it is the way I express my emotions and feelings and I believe that the most important thing in a person is kindness.

Translated with (free version)

Liaam Iman

Liaam Iman invites you on a journey through ancestral poetic landscapes, multiple vocal ranges and polyrhythmic drumming, inspired by North African, Celtic, and Balkan music, invoking silenced voices and stories for a moment of presence, togetherness and remembrance.


Liaam Iman is a vocalist, composer, percussionist and Reiki- practitioner of Algerian, Kabyle descent. After graduating from Art school in 2011, specialising in interactive performance and choreography they have been exploring the intersections between migration, belonging and healing through music.


Since 2002, they have performed and worked on a wide range of music, theatre and art projects in many European countries, the U.S. and Tunisia where they won the music award at the International feminist festival Chouftouhonna 2017 for their solo act.


They are currently working on their solo debut Album and continue to collaborate with artists and musicians such as Bassano Bonelli Bassano, Kechou, Sadek Demokratoz, Melina Pafundi, Zeyo Mann and Andi Stecher.

Emmie Reek

Emmie Reek is a Brazilian artist who has been living in Barcelona for a year and a half.

Born in 1988, she grew up listening to the great divas of Brazilian, Latin American and international music, and started writing her first songs in Portuguese and English at the age of 9.

Her music is a mix of many Latin styles such as Funk, Samba, Bossa, Brega and Bolero with American styles such as R&B and Soul. It can be said that Emmie Reek is a multidisciplinary artist, because besides being a drag queen, in her project she acts as a singer, songwriter, music producer and producer of her video clips.

Her songs deal with themes such as love, sex and passion for life.

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