Colors sitges queer fest


28 September to 2 October

The festival of queer culture in the Garraf.


Sitges Queer Fest is a festival of creativity organised by the LGBTIQ+ Colors Sitges Link association and Sitges Town Council.

It features singers, musicians, performers, writers, poets, dancers and queer artists from Catalonia and other countries, who present their work through performative shows, concerts, talks, workshops, sessions and exhibitions.

This year's festival will be held between 28 September and 2 October 2022 in Sitges, Barcelona.

You can buy tickets for the different activities and shows at

IMAGE of the Sitges Queer Fest 2022 Poster


The image of this year's poster is the work of the popular illustrator Ignasi Blanch, another queer artist who lives in the Garraf region, and who has lent the association Colors Sitges Link for this year's Sitges Queer Fest.

In turn, the poster has been designed by the artist Joan Escofet.


Ignasi Blanch was born in Roquetes, Baix Ebre.

After graduating in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, he continued his studies in Berlin, where he specialised in printing and engraving techniques at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien centre. Coinciding with the fall of the Wall, he was selected as the only Spanish representative in the international East Side Gallery project. He lives and works in Barcelona as an illustrator.
He has received many awards, such as the Premio Crítica Sierra de Oro 2006, the Premio Librero de Álbum ilustrado 2008.


He has recently published the solidarity book LIV ON with the singer and actress Olivia Newton-John.







27 september

From 18:30 h to 20:30 h.

El Taller Espai de creació

C/San Sebastián, 32. Sitges

By Núria Corretgé


This express workshop is aimed at young people aged between 12 and 18 who want to explore their identity through artistic creation.

The research will focus on creating a personalised image using an engraving technique on a tetrabrik base to print it on a cotton bag.

These works will be exhibited as part of the Sitges Queer Fest to give visibility to young creators.







28 september

At 20:30 h.

Café Teatre "Jofre Vila i Soler" (first floor).

El Prado Casino Suburense.


Rubén Cardoso, the legendary impersonator of El Comodín in Sitges and El Cangrejo del Raval in Barcelona, lands at Sitges Queer Fest and El Prado to perform a very personal show.


The Argentinian, who refuses to reveal how many years he has been performing, will tell us about the ups and downs of his life through his art, his sharp sense of humour and his skills.


9€ non-members

6€ members CSL

Luis Antonio de Villena

30th September

At 19:00 h.

Saló D'Or of the Palau de Maricel.


The writer Lui Antonio de Villena, will give the lecture "Wise heterodoxies of Pepito Zamora" as part of the parallel activities of the artist Pepito Zamora.


Afterwards, the Escola d'Hosteleria de Sitges will present the cocktail Perfidia, designed in its day by Pepito Zamora.

La pieza del mes

30th September
At 19 h.
Saló d'Or of the Palau de Maricel.


The Piece of the Month by Isidre Roset-Juan dedicated to the Tríptic del Ral·li within the parallel activities of the artist Pepito Zamora.


Lecture in Catalan.

Queer Varietés

30th September
At 20:30 h.
Sitges Old Market.


The Queer Varietes is a tribute to one of the most queer shows that is variety theatre.
It is a show made up of several independent pieces that will take place in the Mercat Vell de Sitges.


We will feature the theatrical monologues of Dante Martín and Martin Lewton, the performative dance of Labitti, the comedy of Alexia Luna, the poetic improvisation of Luca Andrea, the incredible voice of Marta Baldellou, the queer magic of Berni's MagDrag. All presented by the popular singer and actor Dave Zulueta (OT 2018).

This show will inaugurate our Queer Fest, and will surely not leave you indifferent. Are you going to miss it?


Languages: Spanish and English.

Special Route pepito zamora

1st and 2nd October (last days)

At 10:30 h.

Tour + Sitges Museum.

We will meet in front of the cemetery and we will go to the museum to see the exhibition and take a guided tour.


PRICE 10€ (entrance to the museum included).

At the Mercat Vell there will also be a market with different stalls: photography by the Mexican artist Cuitláhuac Correa, genderless games by Leona Games, henna and fantasy painting by Eva Navarro, erotic art exhibition by Montse Casaoliva, the unique clothing of Chicos de Faldilla, genderless clothing by How dare you? and the bookshop Boutique de premsa.

Poetry workshop

1st October

From 11h to 19h.



The writer and rhapsodist Alexander Martínez, better known as Trizas de Papel, has a proposal for you: "Find your poetic voice".

A workshop for all those who want to explore, play and experience the art of reciting poetry. You can work with your own text, or with a text that is not your own.

We will try to get closer to the performance, to your poetic voice, and if you dare you can also get on stage and experience the journey we will make.

Workshop with 3 different blocks of 6 hours duration. More information on the link.


Price workshop, subsidised by Colors Sitges Link.


20€ non-member.

15€ members CSL.

Vermouth & Colloquium

1st October

At 12:00 h.

Mercat Vell.

What is a non-binary person? And queer? What does gender have to do with sexuality? What does gender expression mean? Does it ever have to do with gender role? What do they call "intersexual"? Why do we now use the neuter when we talk? What...?


Society is changing, and so are the concepts that until now have been accepted and assumed without question. New terms to name what has always been between us.


We bring three experts on the subject: María Melgarejo (jurist), Juan Ramón Quintana (journalist) and Lorena S. Gimeno (sexologist) from Asexuados_as.


Free activity.

Sitges queer special route

1st October

At 18:00 h.

Tour of Sitges.


Guided tour to explore the historical memory of the LGTBIQ + community in Sitges. Peri-urban traffic, with guided tours, through the spaces and stories of leather (LGTBIQ +) in Sitges.

You would never have thought that Sitges would hide these “thousand and one stories” that will be revealed to you by our guide.


The route starts at the San Sebastián cemetery.


Route in Catalan, Spanish and English.

CONCERTS Rey del glam + Alexia Riva

1st October

At 20:30 h.

Mercat Vell.


At 20.30h we will open the doors for you to take your seat.

The opening concert will start at 21:00h and will be performed by Alexia Riva, opening act for the band Rey del Glam.


Rey del Glam, Tribute to Alaska, is the best Alaska cover band out there. You won't be able to tell it apart from the original.

They will do a tour of Alaska in her time with Pegamoides, Dinarama and the current Fangoria.


A musical party for Saturday night.

Special Route pepito zamora

2nd October (last day)

At 10:30 h.

Tour + Sitges Museum.


We will meet in front of the cemetery and we will go to the museum to see the exhibition and take a guided tour.


PRICE 10€ (entrance to the museum included).

Queer Storytelling with Live Music

2nd October

At 11 a.m.

Mercat Vell.


Javi Clancarakol is a human being who dedicates himself to raising his daughter, to oral storytelling, to music, to theatre, to origami, to various clowning activities...


He has told stories with street children and award-winning writers, under a tree and in theatres and international festivals. Oh, and one day she travelled on a train driven by her daughter!


The human being Javi Clancarakol presents his storytelling show with live music "Do unicorns exist?". For the youngest (and not so young) members of the family.


Inclusive stories that make a difference.



Vermut & Jazz With Vicky Branch

2nd October

At 12:30 h.

Mercat Vell.


Maybe his face rings a bell. Or his name. Or maybe not... But when you hear her sing, you'll recognise her straight away. One of the most spectacular voices that passed through the TV show, LA VOZ 2017 where she reached the semifinal.

At the Sitges Queer Fest she will do what she loves the most: singing jazz while you have a vermouth (first drink included in the price).

Queer Talent Show

2nd October

At 18:00 h.

Mercat Vell.


Queer Talent Contest.


It will have an exceptional jury: the actors Jimmy Shaw and Antonio del Valle, the singers Cristina Falcinellà and Dave Zulueta. And Rubén Cardoso like Mistress of Ceremonies.

And your vote as the public counts too.





*In the free events, we propose the reverse box office.
What is the reverse ticket office? It is an exercise of responsibility and maturity where the viewer must bear in mind that the production and exhibition of a show has costs that include, among others, the worthy remuneration of the artists. Taking into account this and its economic possibility, the spectator establishes the price of the ticket, once the show has been seen.

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