On the past Wednesday, May 17th, we celebrated the International Day against LGTBQ+phobia in Sitges. Due to the upcoming municipal elections, this year’s celebration was different, with an institutional event involving the city council, Colors Sitges Link, and some political parties. In the evening, our organization also organized an official event.

Representatives from the Sitges City Council commemorated the International Day against LGBTI+phobia on Wednesday, May 17th, with an institutional ceremony at the monument against homophobia located on the Paseo Marítimo, near Estanyol Beach. The city council reaffirmed the importance of embracing sexual, affective, and gender diversity in complete freedom, without facing discrimination or violence.

During the event, a floral tribute was made, and a manifesto was read, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to fight for the rights of the LGBTI+ community and continue building a city free from LGBTI+phobia. The manifesto was read by two technicians from the Civil Rights Department of the Sitges City Council.

Furthermore, our association was represented by President Prado García and Secretary Martín Martín. The latter was responsible for announcing the news of the creation of the “Odio Diario” (Daily Hate).

The program for this commemorative day continued in the evening with an event organized by Colors Sitges Link.

At 5:30 PM, a march from the City Council towards the monument against homophobia began, and more than 80 people joined the procession. At 6:20 PM, the event started, and an hour of open microphone was provided for registered entities and individuals to participate and express the reasons why it is still necessary to advocate for this day. Unfortunately, the power outage that affected half of Sitges also reached the Passeig Marítim, and a significant part of the event had to proceed without microphones.

Under the annual motto “Always together in diversity and adversity“, Colors Sitges Link’s official manifesto is one of the most demanding and critical (towards Sitges, the city council, and political parties) in recent years. There was also a moment of self-criticism within the community itself, addressing the presence of transphobia, lesbophobia, and biphobia.

After the spectacular performance by the students of IAB, who sang Queen’s songs “We Are the Champions” and “Mama“, and the fun and empowering performance by our friend Barda Petarda, floral tributes were made at the monument.

As a novelty this year, taking advantage of the upcoming elections, an urn was placed where many people deposited papers with demands and requests to end LGTBQ+phobia in our town.

Activities around the International Day against LGBTI+phobia included the screening of the movie “Joyland” and the short film “Who Was Your Day?” by Adam Iungman at Cinema El Prado (alongside Cineclub Sitges), a workshop on “Self-Protection Measures” in situations of aggression, and a talk and presentation of the book “En Verano Duele Más” by Manuel Gerardo Sánchez, presented by the Sitges author, Nacho Zubizarreta, at the multipurpose room of El Retiro, on May 11th, 19th, and 20th, respectively.

You can read the manifesto