From Fundesplai, and with the financial support of the Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya, a new edition of the DEMÀ JOVE project is launched.

DEMÀ JOVE is a project by Fundesplai, with the mission of promoting the job placement of young people aged 18 to 29.

The process includes a 12-month labor contract for training and learning, a training itinerary in different areas, and personalized support throughout the entire journey.

A working person is not only defined by their knowledge and experience. We seek individuals with tools that ensure key aspects at work, such as teamwork, adaptability, or critical thinking.

Colors Sitges Link participates in the DEMÀ JOVE project.

Fundesplai requests the dissemination of the program. If you are or know young people between 18 and 29 years old who need training and work, share this link.

Registration link to the program.

Colors Sitges Link will hire young people in the fields of administration and leisure.