The approval of the Trans and LGTBI Law, a huge step forward in rights for our collective

Last Thursday 16th February the Trans and LGTBI law was approved by 191 votes in favour, 60 against and 91 abstentions.

Colors Sitges Link was there, represented by our colleague Anna de Nicolás

Our colleague Anna de Nicolás, volunteer in legal orientation of the entity, was there and will tell us about it next week.

The law, which has suffered several delays, cuts and rewrites, is a great step forward as, among other things, it allows to change sex by means of an administrative declaration from the age of 16. The text abolishes the obligation to provide medical reports accrediting gender dysphoria and the two-year test of hormone treatment, as had been the case until now for adults.

It also extends this right to young people aged between 14 and 16, as long as they are accompanied in the procedure by their legal guardians, as well as to those aged between 12 and 14, if they obtain the approval of the court.

Spain joins the few countries in the world that allow gender self-determination through a simple declaration, such as Denmark, the first European country to approve it in 2014.