Report of Discrimination in the Gramen Restaurant at the Terramar Golf Club in Sitges.

From the association Colors Sitges Link, we want to express our deep concern about a recent incident that highlights the importance of continuing to fight against discrimination in all its forms. As an association committed to promoting equality and the rights of the LGTBIQ+ community, it is our responsibility to speak out and denounce discriminatory acts wherever they occur.

We have been informed of an incident that took place in the restaurant of the Sitges Golf Club on Tuesday, 29 August. Tulio Henriquez Roo, a member of our community, suffered discriminatory treatment because of his clothes and his painted nails, which apparently “those at the top” did not find appropriate, as they did not conform to the heteronormative standard and were too queer.

It is deeply disturbing that a person is singled out and questioned because of their appearance, reflecting an attitude that goes against the fundamental values of inclusion and diversity. Our society must celebrate and respect diverse forms of self-expression, without prejudice or stereotyping.

It is unacceptable to perpetuate discrimination and send a message of objection because you are queer and show it through your clothing and accessories. Any club or restaurant will want to justify itself by referring to the “etiquette” of its own regulations, but for Colors Sitges Link is a clear example of disguised LGTBIQphobia.

In defence of human rights and equality, we demand that immediate action be taken to address this incident and ensure that all spaces are safe and inclusive.

We call for reflection and a change of mentality to eradicate this type of behaviour, and urge the management of Terramar Golf Club to take concrete action to prevent future incidents of discrimination and to offer a sincere apology to Tulio Henriquez. Personal appearance is a fundamental right that must be respected.

This incident is a reminder that, even in Sitges, there is still much to be done for equality and justice. At Colors Sitges Link we will continue to work to help create a Sitges where every individual can live truthfully and without fear of discrimination, both in public and private spaces.

In solidarity,