One of the entities to which Colors Sitges Link is affiliated is the state federation of LGTBIQ+ associations (the FELGTBI+), among others.

As a federated entity, we participate in various national working groups, such as the Transgender people’s group, where our colleague Anna de Nicolás is the coordinator, the education group (represented by Adrián), the families group, the lesbian policy group, and the bisexual policy group (represented by Montse Casaoliva), as well as the health and people with HIV group, where our health coordinator, Javier Sotomayor, is involved.

From this last group, one of the most active, national-level conferences and forums are organized. On this occasion, the FELGTBI+ will hold the IV State Forum of Experts in Sexual Health in the LGTBI+ population, sponsored by ViiV Laboratories. We are proud to inform you that Colors Sitges Link will be the host entity; our role as an entity is to organize this forum, which, for the first time, will take place in our Vila. More than twenty health professionals from all over Spain will travel to Sitges to participate in these intensive sessions.

The forum will take place in Sitges on December 2nd and 3rd, 2023.