Thank you for attending the meeting in Sitges.

More than 30 people gathered in front of the train station to read the manifesto and demand the approval of the LGTBI and Trans Law without cuts.

The reading of the manifesto was led by our vice-president, Prado García, and Tim Telcs, member and father of a trans teenager. In addition, most of the members of the association’s board were present, accompanied by members and representatives of other organisations.

On the same day and at the same time, in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and more than a dozen other cities, thousands of people demonstrated for our rights. Not the law of equal marriage achieved such unanimity.

In Sitges we wanted to be part of history, we wanted to contribute to writing history. We have once again made history with our association Colors Sitges Link.

In addition, our colleague Anna de Nicolás was also present in Barcelona, as part of the LGTBI Platform.

And our treasurer Martín Martín in Madrid, together with other comrades, took part in the large demonstration organised by FELGTBI+, of which we are a federated entity, among dozens of other associations from all over Spain.