The Mediterranean coast of Sitges is getting ready to welcome the third edition of the LGTBIQ+ Film Showcase Endimaris, which promises to be brighter than ever.

The Italian film “Stranizza d’Amouri“, titled “Fireworks” in Spain, will be responsible for opening the event. This Italian production, directed by Giuseppe Fiorello, conquered the Italian box office and has become a phenomenon in Italy, raising over a million euros. The film tells the story of a forbidden love between two teenagers in the homophobic Sicily of the 1980s, marking the beginning of Italy’s first LGTBIQ+ center.

One of the highlights of the showcase will be the screening of “A Kid like Jake“, starring Jim Parsons, Claire Danes, and Octavia Spencer. This film narrates the story of the Wheeler marriage, which will face an unusual challenge when their four-year-old son, Jake, prefers princess clothes to toy cars. The couple will have to reevaluate their roles at home after the suggestion of the preschool teacher that this is not just a temporary phase.

In addition to Italian and American films, the showcase will offer a look at Asian production with the Korean romantic comedy “Made on Rooftop” and the Spanish premiere of “Where is the Lie“, a vibrant Filipino comedy-mystery about the relationship between transphobia and social networks, directed by Quark Henares. The session will feature live participation from the director from the Philippines.

Renowned Argentine director Enzo Monzón will present the Spanish premiere of his short film “Maricomio” and the feature film “La Reina Hormona“. The double session promises many surprises and the presence of much of the artistic team.

The world of sports and rugby within the LGTBIQ+ community will be the focus of the film “In from the Side“, directed by Matt Carter. Carter will be present in Sitges to present his film, which addresses the love story between two rugby players who will be forced to choose between hiding their feelings or risking the destruction of the club they love. The session will involve collaboration with the Rugby Club Sitges and Les Panteres Grogues.

Endimaris emphasizes the limited production of films with stories starring lesbians, but this year it presents two interesting proposals: “Alteritats“, a Catalan production by directors Alba Cros and Nora Haddad, and “Maybe Someday,” directed by the American Michelle Ehlen. “Alteritats” is a documentary that gives voice to the diversity of lesbian experiences in Catalonia, while “Maybe Someday” tells the story of Jay, who, after separating from his wife, seeks to reconnect with a past love and develops an unlikely friendship with a gay and sarcastic comedian while finding the courage to move on to the next chapter in life.

Endimaris Sitges will also feature the screening of “Zero: The Magazine that Outed a Country, ,a documentary that narrates the story of the influential Zero magazine and its fight for LGTBIQ+ rights in its time. The film features testimonies from well-known personalities such as Jesús Vázquez, Alaska, Boris Izaguirre, Anabel Alonso, Nacho Duato, Eduardo Casanova, and many others.

The Americana Film Festival will collaborate with Endimaris Sitges in presenting two titles: “Something You Said Last Night“, winner of the Sebastiane Award at the San Sebastián Festival in 2022, and “Framing Agnes“, a documentary that delves into the 1950s, when the Gender Clinic of UCLA interviewed several transgender people for a confidential study. Over 60 years later, filmmaker Chase Joynt discovers the project and decides to reinterpret the interviews with contemporary trans+ artists.

Finally, Endimaris Sitges aims to establish itself as the annual event to enjoy a unique experience with the screening of the musical “The Rocky Horror Picture Show“, accompanied by audience interaction and presented by “La Pelos“, a unique mistress of ceremonies. An experience that no one should miss.

Tickets will be available starting next Wednesday, October 25, with prices ranging from 5 to 7 euros and discounts for members of the Casino Prado Suburense and Colors Sitges Link. An all-access pass will also be offered for enjoying all the screenings at a price of 30€.

The LGTBIQ+ Film Showcase Endimaris Sitges is organized by Cinema4you SCCL under the brand of Cineclub Sitges, Colors Sitges Link, and Casino Prado Suburense, with the collaboration of the Sitges City Council and the Diputació de Barcelona through the D’A Film Festival and the Americana Film Festival.

Recently, Endimaris Sitges participated in the San Sebastián Festival, where it joined the annual meeting of Ibero-American LGTBIQ+ Film Festivals to establish synergies with other festivals and institutions, such as the European Film Academy. In the coming days, the closing film of the showcase and the winner of the Endimaris Sitges 2023 Award will be announced.