Many people have shown their interest in participating in a reading club with LGTBIQ+ content literature. That is why we have set to work.

Three languages, two groups: Spanish, Catalan and English

We have the drivers of the club: the Sitgetan writer Nacho Zubizarreta will be in charge of running the reading club in Spanish and Catalan. Cécile Pinot will lead the reading group in English.

The Santiago Rusiñol library collaborates in this activity, facilitating the readings, if you do not want to buy them.

Only you are missing!

The club needs a minimum of 6 participants. Sign up in the form and we will notify you of the start of the club.

    Selecciona l'idioma del club de lectura en què vols participar. Pots triar les dues opcions*

    Selecciona el idioma del club de lectura en el que quieres participar. Puedes escoger las dos opciones*

    Select the language of the reading club in which you want to participate. You can choose both options*