Yei Forero

Colombia (1995).

PhD in contemporary art research, performer with notions of minimalist contemporary dance and textual theatre.

He fuses aspects of Latin and Iberian culture, references from pop dance, symphonic pop and European video dance.

He is particularly interested in identity, contrasts and creating atmospheres, something he achieved with great success on the stage of the Mercat Vell. Yei is a dancer, but he is also a complete artist who thrives on stage.

Yei Forero was the winner of the Queer Talent Show within the framework of Sitges Queer Fest. He got the audience on their feet with his art, his sympathy and his genius on stage.


Kevin “Jackson” Calafi

Kevin is a 22-year-old who started acting and imitating Michael Jackson more than ten years ago as an autodidact, sewing his own clothes and dancing.

He is now studying a bachelor of arts, specialising in performing arts, and for a little over a year he has had his own Amateur Artists Company.

He defines himself as an artist, creator and queer.

Kevin came second in the Queer Talent Show within the framework of the Sitges Queer Fest. For 5 minutes, he managed to make the audience see Michael Jackson himself.

He is currently preparing other shows in which he will leave his personal stamp as an artist because Kevin is not just a simple Jackson impersonator. Kevin is unique.


Emmie Reek

She is a Brazilian artist who has been living in Barcelona for a year and a half.

Born in 1988, she grew up listening to the great divas of Brazilian, Latin American and international music, and started writing her first songs in Portuguese and English at the age of 9.

Her music is a mix of many Latin styles such as Funk, Samba, Bossa, Brega and Bolero with American styles such as R&B and Soul. It can be said that Emmie Reek is a multidisciplinary artist, because besides being a drag queen, in her project she acts as a singer, songwriter, music producer and producer of her video clips.

Her songs deal with themes such as love, sex and passion for life.

Emmie won the third prize of the Queer Talent Show within the framework of the Sitges Queer Talent. She won over the audience with her eternal smile and surprised them with a number that started out as one thing and, by (her) magic, became something very different.

The three artists will be performing on the night of the Gala Solidarity at the Hotel Dolce on Saturday 3 December.

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