International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) is an annual event occurring on March 31 dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide, as well as a celebration of their contributions to society.

Due to the situation of confinement it has not been possible to carry out the activity that we had planned with the screening at the Prado Cinema in collaboration with the Cine Club Sitges of the Film “Girl”. In which we were going to have the presentation of Anna de Nicolás Head of the Trans Group and María José Ramírez, proud mother of a trans boy and both members of the LGBTI Gay Sitges Link Association.

Here we attach a list of short films related to the rights of trans people:

Short films and documentaries:

3 consejos que me han servido como chica trans

Tras la Piel.


Soy transgénero ( I am Transgender ) 

UNBORN – ( No nacido )

 Bella de Día

‘Vida en trans’ | Crónicas RTVE

Yo no soy



International Day of Trans Visibility

As an association Gay Sitges Link defends trans visibility not excluding, that is to say, inclusive: more androgynous or more female or male transsexuality. Straight, lesbian or gay transsexuality. We believe that each person is an end in itself, regardless of their physical appearance, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, religion or place of origin.

Thus, transsexuality is a phenomenon that transcends the purely physical, rather than a change in appearance or body modification. In this sense, one of the most controversial issues is how transsexual subjects should be produced.

On the one hand, society generates a series of identity constructs, of what is considered feminine or masculine, on the other hand the trans people themselves participate in sterile controversies about binarism or non-binarism.

To celebrate the visibility of the trans is to celebrate the diversity of humanity. Defending trans * rights is defending the right of all people to be as they want to be. These are rights that add up and not subtract.

On this day, we want to celebrate the fact that we are seen and recognized as the right to live in the normal way that is taken by anyone in the CIS.

Transgender people – Transgender women and men – have always existed, but only recently can we celebrate, and not smoothly, our diversity.

We defend the right to denounce the social construction of the genres and the toxicities that pervade our binary society. But we also celebrate people who seek binarism according to their feelings, just as there are no good or bad transgender people.

Trans * people are diverse – we are both binary and non-binary, neutral or fluid gender. No person, no CIS, no Trans can decide on the feeling of our bodies and our identity.

We fight for Human Rights, for the right to love and to love. We seek equality regardless of the passing we may have. We have both the right to ambiguity and the most binary definition.

Trans visibility day is a day to celebrate that, despite the fact that we are very often considered outsiders or taken into account only by the saddest aspects, we have managed to make ourselves heard.