Last weekend I felt bad! We gay men are so horny! We are so promiscuous and we think about sex all day long, this doesn’t happen to straight men! I think I have a sex addiction, yes, I’m addicted to sex!

These and other phrases are very common in moments of conversation in the collective. If we turn all these phrases around, we find several labels associated with pleasure, with our collective, with gender and with our sexual and affective orientation. Unfortunately, the labels are negative and have remained in our unconscious since we began to hear them in our childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Language is a reference in aspects such as the experience of our sexuality, in how we express ourselves and in the relationship that we each have with pleasure, and mainly sexual pleasure: how we experience it, whether it is from guilt, from fear, from the excess of responsibility that does not allow you to play in a fluid way. The guilt imparted by religions and the fear instilled by the media have crept into the collective unconscious and into our own unconscious to stop us many times from experiencing pleasure.

According to the WHO, promiscuity is when a person has sexual relations with more than two people in a period of less than six months. In other words, if you have more than two matches, or have had two taps or woofs, you are already promiscuous. You and I, or perhaps many of us, have had sex with two different people in less than six months and, in a system that is conceived as a monogamous system where any non-monogamy option is punished or marked as something negative, this is a clear example of how the guilt of religion or the media generates in us and our unconscious a label that we then use to judge each other among peers.

When we conceive of sex as part of health and not morality, we will experience sexuality as something human and natural.

We must conceive of the human being as a biopsychosocial being, that is, made up of a Biological, Psychological and Social component. For this reason, the purposes of sexuality are divided into three categories:

  • Pleasure through the mind, emotions and desires.
  • Communication through codes (talking, touching, looks, etc.).
  • Reproduction through the body, reproductive apparatus.

For those who do not choose reproduction as a life objective, sexuality is lived from pleasure and communication, and cannot and should not deny these natural actions of the organism. The key to living sexuality to the full is, first, to identify all the negative labels associated with it and deconstruct them, thus constructing new labels, defining new values and taking into account sexual prejudices.

7 workshops on sexuality and affectivity in the GTBI+ world

This coming Tuesday 8th November at 19:00h we will break down myths about sexuality and identify all these negative labels and create new labels to live a more gratifying sexuality in the free workshop “Sexistence, I am sexual and sensual“, which corresponds to a cycle of seven workshops that we will do here at Colors Sitges Links on sexuality and affectivity in the GTBI+ world.

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