In Color Sitges Link we have a group of volunteers without whom it would not be possible to achieve all our purposes as an entity. For this reason, last Saturday 30th July, we recovered the traditional annual meeting of the volunteers.

Our friends and hosts, Martin Lewton and Andrew McKinnon, opened the doors of their house to us as a meeting and celebration place, and their refreshing swimming pool to combat the intense heat.

The whole group of volunteers gathered in their beautiful house with garden and spent a great day with the coolest music.

From 11:00 in the morning until late in the afternoon, about fifty members of the volunteer team enjoyed a day of brotherhood, with a lot of desire to go out and have a good time. We were welcomed by some members of the board of Colors Sitges Link, there was a round of presentations to get to know each other a little better and to know in which areas each person collaborates (culture, health, seniors, benefits for members, condoms, and a long etc.). There were intense moments of great emotion, because volunteering at Colors Sitges Link is much more than just doing our bit to build and improve the lives of our people. It is also finding a space of brotherhood and friendship, a space in which to feel part of something important.

Our colleague Carles taught us some basic steps of bachata and salsa and we had a great time, and there was also a big Unicorn in the pool, which delighted everyone.

We would like to thank our hosts Martin Lewton and Andrew McKinnon for once again hosting our volunteer meeting at their home.

Long live CSL, long live the people of Colors Sitges Link, thank you very much!

We at Colors Sitges Link are very proud of our volunteering!