Following the decision taken at last Sunday’s AGM, we have pleasure in letting you know that on Friday 31st. we signed the rental agreement for our new headquarters which we have named GSL Centre.

The address of the new GSL Centre is:

c/ Joan Tarrida 1, 1º-2ª

(This is the flat over the Jazz clothes shop, opposite the Queenz restaurant)

We are very excited with the possibilites that such a central location has to offer. At last we are going to enjoy the central location we always longed for, especially aimed at our visitors.

We have big plans and lots of ideas, but for the moment we would like to advise that on Sunday February 23rd at midday we will have the official inauguration of the GSL Centre. Put this date down on your diaries, more details to follow.

We would also like to let you know that on Friday 31st we left the old Casal. We are very happy that the premises stay in good hands as the headquarters of the Third Sector Table and of other associations that work for the equality of Sitges folk. To all of them we wish them best of luck in their social work.

We would also like to say special thanks to Marc Martinez for giving GSL a roof over our heads the last two years. Without his help and support for the association, it would not have been possible to build the foundations that now allow us go forward in a more free and independent manner. Equally, we wish to thank him for opening the doors of the Casal de la Gent Gran last Sunday and for waiting patiently over 3 hours while we were having our AGM.

From now on until the 23rd, our new committee member Gerrit Vos and his parnter Louis Van Peer are going to work to get our new Centre ready. We’ve already had some donation offers of furniture and white goods to make it more cosy, but it is very likely that we will be asking you for other things like tables, chairs, etc.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or queries about the association and its projects, you can get in touch with us via e-mail on

We would like to have your continued help during this new phase of Gay Sitges Link in striving to support and create a community spirit.