Following meetings with the Catalan Department of Health on the current monkeypox situation, the lack of vaccines and their conservation, the following conclusions have been reached:

  • A little over a week ago a consignment of 1,600 smallpox vaccines arrived in Catalonia. These vaccines will only be available in 3 centres in Barcelona and will be used in target groups such as pregnant women, PREP users and immunocompromised people.
  • Currently, the Spanish Ministry of Health has purchased an additional 12,000 doses, of which 4,000 are expected to arrive in Catalonia.
  • There is a possible distribution problem, as they need to be at -20º.

Conclusion: the government’s actions in this regard are still unclear. As of today, there is no known date for its availability in Sitges, so it is recommended that anyone who suspects they have symptoms, go to the Cap or the hospital for diagnosis and keep quarantine.