We have great news! We have been given a small piece of land so that we can create a new project: the creation of a leisure garden for our older members.

The land is located near the Mas Alba area of Sitges and is not yet prepared. That’s why we invite you to participate as a volunteer in this leisure garden project. We will need to clear the land of weeds, prepare the irrigation system and the soil, plant the vegetables, cultivate, take care of the process, etc…

We are looking for people who are proactive, who have a strong commitment to volunteering, who believe in what they are doing and who feel that their contribution is needed and will make a difference.


Many things, for sure! Maybe you have always wanted to have a vegetable garden but you live in a small flat, without a yard, you have a job or obligations that take up most of your time and you can’t commit to looking after your own garden, although you have always looked forward to it and thought how wonderful it would be to have one. Perhaps, on the other hand, you have had a garden for many years where you have learned many things but now your personal circumstances prevent you from doing so, although you still remember it fondly.

Our volunteer programme is precisely about that: it gives you the possibility to spend some time getting your hands dirty or helping others by passing on the knowledge you have accumulated over the years, without any commitment or exchange of money, simply as a way of gaining personal satisfaction.

If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact us to see how you can collaborate. In addition to your help, donations of plants, seeds, tools, etc… will be welcome.

Send us an email to voluntariat@colorssitgeslink.org with the subject “leisure garden” and tell us how you can help us.