The Colors Sitges Queer Fest is the evolution of the Cultural Pride that the association had been celebrating for 8 years at the Pride de Sitges, and of the Mini Queer Fest that it organized in 2020, during the pandemic. We could say that this festival is the 10th Edition of the Cultural Pride that the organization celebrated around the month of June.

Sitges Orgull Cultural is a program of vindictive, social and cultural activities to make known aspects of our history while discovering the LGTBI culture of Sitges.
The Sitges Orgull Cultural, now called Colors Sitges Queer Fest, gives us the opportunity to collaborate with the cultural entities, artists and workshops of Sitges. The aim of the Association is to make LGTBI culture visible and to promote social aspects through culture and the arts.
We have already moved and adapted the celebration of the Cultural Pride 2020 to the dates from September 10 to October 11 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic that we are still suffering from.
This year 2021, we decided to change the name of the FestivaI and keep the celebration of the Colors Sitges Queer Fest at the end of September and beginning of October in order to bring Sitges a festival with its own identity and contributed our cultural vision of our col In some data quite different from other celebrations.

Under the motto LIVE, CREATE, LOVE, the queer cultural festival has been held from Wednesday 29 September to Sunday 3 October. Five days full of a wide range of cultural activities and artistic expressions for everyone, with music, literature and pictorial art predominating.

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