Awards” of the 1st Video Contest: Lesbian Love in Sitges

The call for a video contest on the subject of lesbian love in Sitges has been answered with the presentation of four candidacies. The participants wanted to express in various narratives aspects of the experiences of love between women, approaching this fact from different perspectives and formats.

Among the four videos aspiring to the surprise award, the one entitled “Lesbian love in Sitges, where all kinds of love is possible” by Maria i Paola has been chosen, created from puppet figures, with a summer narrative, one hundred percent from Sitges with exteriors adapted to the beach of San Sebastián and soundtrack by Patty Pravo. The short with the rubber dolls narrates the adventures of the possible but fictitious characters. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. Here is the link to see it with your own eyes:

The other three videos have been finalists in the competition. Each responds to very different formats from the documentary biopic, to the parodic and festive Play-Back that you can find posted on our networks or through these links:!BIbzoIEeqTMNtwmMKdpBZXJBcEIE?e=nhTkAK0DZUO0FZKVhreSZQ&at=9