On the occasion of the Pepito Zamora exhibition and to celebrate it with a very Catalan sweet, Sweet Sitges has produced in collaboration with Colors Sitges Link a box of chocolates under the Sins of Sitges brand.

Aphrodisiac chocolates for Sitges lovers inspired by the life and work of Pepito Zamora (Madrid, 1892 – Sitges, 1971), a total artist active in the most fabulous music hall venues in Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. He also collaborated in fashion, film and circus, and illlustrated posters and children’s stories. Sitges was the sanctuary where Zamora found retirement and the right conditions to continue his dissidence until it became a major precedent and model of a way of life, the joyful life—the gaîté parisienne transplanted to a catalan Mediterranean villa immersed in post-war period disturbances, the Franco regime, and an incipient but unstoppable aperture with new opportunities due to the arrival of international tourism.

You can buy the chocolates at Sweet Sitges Shop or at the Sitges Museums Shop.