Our sexuality for a long time was forbidden by the heterosexual and patriarchal environment.

We lived under the condemnation of sexuality and homosexuality, so under this prohibition it was normal for us to repress many practices and desires.

Once we recovered or achieved certain rights, to love freely, to express love and to exercise our right to sexuality, even in our unconscious there remained those repressed desires that often psychoactive substances help to externalise and bring out, achieving disinhibition.

This is where the issue of sex and consumption comes in. If we have not done the work of bringing out those repressed desires with respect to how we live our sexuality, it is normal that we often let ourselves be carried away by consumption to achieve disinhibition.

Chemsex is currently on the rise in our group, because we belong to a group that suffers from “Minority Stress (or Minority Anxiety)“.

What is minority stress? It is the experience of chronic, unique and hostile stress as a result of belonging to a socially marginalised category, within a predominantly heterosexual and cisgender world. It is also shaped by internalised homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, stigma, expectations of rejection and prejudice.
There are different motivations for Chemsex users, one of them is also “loneliness”.

We will address this issue next Tuesday 21/03/23 at 19:00h, in the workshop: “Substance use and types of consumption“, activity that is part of a series of workshops on affectivity and sexuality that are taught in our NGO Colors Sitges Link, to participate you need to sign up at the following link: https://colorssitgeslink.org/en/event/uso-de-sustancias-y-tipos-de-consumos.

This workshop is intended for everyone, not necessarily for people who are Chemsex users, including alcohol, for example, which is a very normalised substance, as we have suffered from minority anxiety in several of our group.

By Javier Sotomayor C.
Facilitator of workshops Sexuality and Affectivity / Sexological Orientation / Individual and Couples Sex Coaching / Facilitator Men’s Circles