Currently, there are two ways of carrying out Sexuality Education: a programmed one and a more informal or non-programmed one.

Programmed: it is promoted and encouraged in an official way, limited mainly to the area of reproduction, avoiding pregnancy and prevention of HIV and STIs, only sanitary.

Informal or unplanned: Consists of all the information that comes through the media, the internet, the cinema, etc. It is the guidance that is received almost unnoticed, through what friends tell, what is taught at home, what is seen in porn movies, etc..,

It is in this scenario that porn takes centre stage as it is an easily accessible tool.

If we analyse the content of pornography, it shows us sex that is not real, from the perfection of the body, which influences the level of self-esteem and acceptance of each individual, the size of the penis, creating myths and a phallocracy that leads us to the search for perfection, defining uncommon and unnatural stereotypes as a model to be achieved.

Another expression is the coitocentrism that generates where the sexual act is based on genitality, with a common and basic structure of a type of sex that does not represent the one you can have in your daily life, due to simple elements such as the duration, the amount of ejaculation, the breaks and the complicity that a sexual encounter generates at a communicative and interactional level between two people.

Sometimes we have ritualised these practices and we repeat them as uncreative patterns, restricting the freedom of actions, the game of seduction, the communication with our sexual partners and, most importantly, the non-genital stimulation that leads us to discover and share with the other person in an environment of intimacy and shared complicity.

On this automation of certain practices, the sexual education we have received from pornography or how this can be an element of stimulation for cases of inhibition of desire, is what we will address in the workshop on emotional health organized by Colors Sitges Link Asociació next Tuesday 29 November from 19:00h to 21h in Sitges, if you are interested sign up at the following link: