Would you like to help raising money for the association?

Do you have any expertise or ability you are willing to share?

If that is the case, we need to auction you as a slave!

This Saturday February 22nd at 8pm at the Bar Casablanca (Pau Barrabeig, 5) we are holding our annual Slave Auction for the benefit of Gay Sitges Link and Sitges Canta!

In this auction, the public bids money for “services” offered by the slaves.

Some examples of “services” are:

  • Private lessons: like languages, sewing, make-up (a limited number of hours)
  • A service like cleaning, plumbing, decoration, “personal shopper”, translation, massage, taxi, etc.
  • An activity like sailing (if you have a boat!), an excursion, cook a meal, etc.
  • Some food already prepared, like a cake, a Spanish omelette, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

If you would like to offer your “service” as a slave, please send an email to singularsitges@gmail.com explaining what you’re offering. It is not necessary that you turn up in person to auction yourself on Saturday, but the slave’s presence explaining his services always helps to collect more money.

And if you want to attend and bid for services, come along this Saturday from 8pm to Casablanca Bar !

Last year we raised € 560 for the association. Please help us to beat this figure!