In reality, coming out of the wardrobe is not just about telling people around me that I am gay, nor is it about celebrating Pride every year with great pride.

Sometimes, unconsciously we have not made the integration of our homosexuality and this is because negative labels from the past, from our childhood, adolescence have remained there… in our unconscious, conditioning how we live our sexuality.

“Men don’t cry”, “When you grow up and you have a wife…”, “When you have children you must…”, “You’re not good, you should play goalie”, “You’re no good, it’s better to play with the girls”, “Blue boys, pink girls”, and many others you have heard at home, at school, in the neighbourhood, at school and even at work, and although you know you are gay, you accept it, but you still don’t fully integrate it, because these labels are there in your unconscious mind.

These labels often generated certain emotional or sexual wounds that conditioned us when interacting or flirting now as adults or maybe you simply feel and think that you already have them resolved, but at a sexual level sometimes you don’t feel completely satisfied or full.

What if you were to meet your younger self, child or teenager and you had to spoil their life, tell them that they are the Pink Sheep of the Family and that nothing will happen…. What advice would you give them?

On Tuesday 17/01/23 we will work on this in the workshop: “I still live in the wardrobe”, an activity that is part of a cycle of workshops on affectivity and sexuality that are given in our NGO Colors Sitges Link.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop tomorrow Tuesday 17/01/23 at 19:00h, you need to sign up at the following link: and bring a photograph of yourself as a child (on paper or digitally on your mobile phone), with it we will work on a fun and emotional dynamic that will allow us to connect with our inner child and learn to know ourselves a little more.

By Javier Sotomayor C.
Facilitator of workshops Sexuality and Affectivity / Sexological Orientation / Individual and Couples Sex Coaching / Facilitator Men’s Circles