International Asexuality Day (IAD) will be on 6 April. IAD is a globally coordinated campaign that spreads the asexual umbrella, including demisexuals, bisexuals, asexuals and other asexual identities.

On this day, it aims to educate society about asexuality and raise awareness about sexual diversity. In addition, asexual people are encouraged to speak openly about their sexual orientation to help others understand and accept their experience.

In other words, Asexuality Day is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate sexual diversity, to promote acceptance and respect for people who identify as asexual.

We invite you to participate in the workshop on sexual-affective diversity “Cake for all: Asexuality throughout the territory” to make the ACE spectrum visible throughout Catalonia, and that, in collaboration with the Catalan Association of Asexuals, Colors Sitges Link we organise.

The Catalan Association of Asexuals seeks to make visible, destigmatize and disseminate asexuality and claim diversity in the asexual spectrum.

Where will it take place? In the Miramar auditorium.
When will it take place? On 22 April.

Come and have a piece of cake with us! Click on the link to book your place in the free workshop.