Circle of Resilient Individuals
Virtual mutual support group for individuals living with HIV

At Association LGTBIQ+ Colors Sitges Link, the Circle of Resilient Men (living with HIV) transforms to welcome all Resilient Individuals living with HIV.

In this Circle of Resilient Individuals, you can share personal experiences in an atmosphere of respect, intimacy, safety, and confidentiality, without judgment and through mutual support. They can share past and present experiences, from the onset of their infection to how it has positively impacted them today, discovering in each their capacity for personal resilience to face present life and increase emotional well-being.

Collaborative efforts focus on sharing experiences and enhancing resilient attitudes and habits.

The Circle of Resilient Individuals, of a mixed nature, gathers monthly from 19:00 to 21:00 online, with scheduled meetings.

We understand that for some people it is still challenging to talk about this topic, that it is difficult to integrate it and make ourselves visible. That is why we have adjusted the format of our meet-ups, starting from the beginning, taking it step by step, through an online gathering, virtually on the Zoom platform.

It will not be mandatory to show our faces; we can participate with cameras on or off. It’s okay if you’re not ready yet. This group is specifically for sharing our daily experiences regarding our infection and how we cope with the diagnosis.

Support or mutual aid groups are for sharing among peers our experiences, how we tolerate medication, how we must face our doctor’s visits, how we can interpret our test results, etc.

Supporting each other from the same fears that some of us have already overcome to understanding that this should not alter our usual life. Should we disclose it or not? and to whom?… How can we establish a romantic relationship? How can we educate about U=U, Undetectable=Untransmittable? And many more questions that may arise.

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