New chapter for our association: a new more inclusive name, new presidency and new committee

Last Saturday, March 27th, two General Meetings took place. In the morning we held an EGM in which we approved the new name resulting from our creative and participatory workshop process: Colors Sitges Link. In the afternoon it was the turn of our AGM , in which the balance of the year 2020 was presented, both at the programmatic and budgetary level, the strategic objectives for 2021 were presented and approved, Isidre Rosset communicated his non-continuity in the presidency at the head of our entity, and the candidacy for a new presidency and a new committee team was presented, with Pedro Martín, former secretary, at the head of it.

A creative, democratic and constructive process to be more inclusive



After the work carried out by a large number of partners, volunteers and committee members, the process of changing the name has finally come to fruition. The result is the approval of “Colors Sitges Link” by absolute majority: a new, more inclusive name, more in line with the needs of our collective and that also respects and maintains our DNA and our history as an organisation that cares for and benefits the LGBTIQ + community in Sitges, which will be celebrating its first decade this year.

The presidency of Pedro Martín and his committee team was elected with unanimous agreement

Following the announcement by our former president, Isidre Rosset, that he would not continue as President of our association, the candidacy of Pedro Martín Cumplido, our former secretary, was presented with a closed committee list. This candidacy was unanimously approved. The new committee team is made up of the following people:

It is a committee that perfectly combines new profiles, with new wisdom and a marked professional character and dedication, with profiles more rooted in the culture and history of the association, with two former presidents as members, a former secretary who returns to occupy that same position, and a former secretary who becomes president of the association after three years of hard work and dedication.

A word from the new president: Pedro Martín “Macu”

“I am very grateful for the confidence of all of you to support the candidacy that I have presented and that I am proud to lead.

There are many challenges that arise in the near future of our association. We have the will and the desire to transform this society into a fairer, freer and more fraternal one, with the solidarity and resilience that the current moment demands of us.

We need you to get involved too to work together, side by side, for a better life for everyone in Sitges. I invite all of you to write with us this new stage of our association: Colors Sitges Link. ”

Pedro Martín Cumplido “Macu”,
President of the Associació LGTBIQ+ Colors Sitges Link