The jury of the Pepito Zamora Prize met in its second edition (November 2021): The candidacy selected for the Pepito Zamora Prize 2021, was for Isabel Pruna Andree in recognition of her attitude of defense and fight against discrimination against people of the LGTBI group with HIV.

Isabel Pruna is a naif artist, who makes artistic creations with a particular style. Her artistic side leads her to combine painting with the making of embroidered and artistic tapestries to raise awareness about the fight against aids and in memory of the victims.

She has been a determined activist and courageous, brave and strong mother, she had to fight this disease very directly, her son Miquel died due to this pandemic at the age of 39.

We award the Pepito Zamora Prize, for his performance and leadership of the support groups for AIDS patients, in particular the collection of funds to provide means (a refrigerator, a bed) to accompany the relatives of patients terminals at the Hospital de Sant Camil in Sant Pere de Ribes (Garraf Regional Hospital and reference center).

For his work as an activist for the rights of people with aids or HIV through the making of artistic tapestries that have given visibility to social issues, to the health emergency in a public and understandable way.

For his generosity and willingness to collaborate in the collection of works of art intended for the collection of money to cover expenses arising from the health crisis of aids.

For its position in favor of disadvantaged people and in defense of the dignity of human beings who suffer discrimination for their health.

This award was presented during the Sitges Awards Night, and the member of our association, Isidre Roset, presented the award to the Isabel Pruna Family.