In the framework of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, the Queer Kong Award was presented for the first time, an accolade that sought to recognize and reward films and professionals who stood out for their contributions to diversity and the representation of the LGTB+ community at the festival.

This award was conceived by Miquel Claudi, a prominent professional in the audiovisual field, who was inspired after his visit to the San Sebastián Film Festival, where the Sebastiane Award, a similar prize, is presented.

The Queer Kong Award project was launched by Miquel Claudi with the support of Stop Sida, and in 2022, Colors Sitges Link joined the effort by appointing a jury member for the award. In 2023, it could not be held due to a lack of films featuring LGTBIQ+ characters at the Sitges Film Festival.

Now, Colors Sitges Link has formalized a collaboration agreement with Miquel Claudi to lead the project under the auspices of our association. Thus, the Queer Kong Award is fully integrated into our initiatives to raise awareness and support the LGTBIQ+ community in Sitges and its surroundings.

We assume it will be an intermittent award since the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia does not always feature films with LGTBIQ+ characters or they do not always wish to receive such awards to avoid being associated with the community in the film industry.

We are delighted with this collaboration, which reinforces our commitment to using culture as a powerful tool for awareness and social transformation.