Last week and in commemoration of World AIDS Day, we published a small tasting of what the new comprehensive health campaign is, and that we officially presented during the AIDS gala, last December 4.

The Helping Hand Project campaign is not only an aesthetic bet and a substantial makeover, very different from what has been common in our publications. It also means a restructuring of the health service that we offer in the Colors Sitges Link association. Always thinking about improving the service and the health of our group, we have put ourselves to work so that the health area grows and covers new needs.

A three-dimensional project: physical health, mental and emotional health, and social and legal health

Under the Helping Hand Project brand, the comprehensive health service has several branches, clearly differentiated from each other, but complementary: physical health, emotional and psychological health, and social and legal health. It is the value proposition of our association: to be the friendly hand of the LGTBIQ + collective in Sitges and its geographical area of ​​influence.

The Helping Hand comprehensive health project is supported by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Public Health Agency, the HIV prevention, control and care program, the STIs and the Viral Hepatitis, the General Sub-Directorate of Drug Dependencies, and the Sitges Town Hall.