Perhaps you know it because it became fashionable in our country a few years ago or because you have seen this typical and fun dance in many American movies.

The Country Dance Line is a healthy leisure activity suitable for all audiences and ages.

A “line dance” is a group of people dancing aligned and executing the same movements. In this formation of parallel lines, the dancers move in a synchronized way, but each one independently.

It can be danced alone or with other dancers located in lines / rows that form a grid, although it is also very fun to dance as a couple and even in
contredanse. The dancers maintain a good distance from each other, which allows them to practice it without inconvenience respecting the COVID-19 regulations in complete safety.

Line Dance: a physically and socially healthy activity

Line Dancing has become very popular in recent times, as it encourages low-impact physical activity, maintains psychomotor skills and helps maintain the joints and correct body posture. In addition, it promotes memory development, a fun and simple way to boost the brain and prevent possible diseases related to senile dementia and Alzheimer’s.
For seniors, Line Dance is an activity that serves to increase their quality of life in an extraordinary way. The memorization of the choreographies makes your brain work at maximum performance and the cardiovascular system is kept in shape thanks to physical exercise.

On the other hand, as it is practiced in a group, it is recommended to maintain an active social activity.

Low-impact exercise, postural correction, memory reinforcement, socialization, and fun all rolled into one.

Activate your social life respecting the COVID regulations

At Colors Sitges Link we promote activities of a social and community nature, to maintain good healthy lifestyle habits, both physically, mentally and psychologically. But always respecting the COVID regulations to take care of and defend the integrity and health of people and give an example of good practices when developing our activities with the greatest effectiveness, but always in a safe way.


Presentation of the course, explanation of the benefits of dance.

The class begins by teaching the basic step with their name, which accompany the times of the music. Different steps are added until the choreographic sequence is finished. Afterwards, what is learned with music is danced.