New voices on the poetry scene, queer poets challenging heteronormativity.

They recite, interpret, wield their verses that are reflections and songs to life, resilience, rebirth, love and lack of love… Each one with their own style, with their identifying stamp: sometimes with a sense of humor, others with gravity, and always with passion.


Elisa Lein

Poet, rhapsodist, journalist, photographer and organizer of poetry recitals with an LGTBI tone in the city of Barcelona, ​​known as «Aquelarre POÉtico».

He has published his first poetic anthology, De mujeres y ceniza: I cultivate verses written about the skins of wonderful women and whimsical experiences. Therefore, with the tingling that runs through the body for the first time, I bare my cravings to bathe them in poetry.

“I write and recite prose and verses that, as an escape valve, are my triathlon in search of the most precious medal. Living in freedom!”.


Trizas de Papel

Alexander Martínez is a poet, writer and rhapsodist.

Write short poems, audio-poems, visual-poetry.
He has published the book Encuentros (2019) and is about to bring his new project to light.

“My only rite is a longing
of the body, it is a confinement
in the temple of your flesh.
Altar stripped of reason
where a candle burns in front
to my face of pure desire. “



Adelaida GuaschAdelaida Guasch

He is a personal coach, poet, rhapsodist.

In his collection of poems “LoCURAS intensivas” (Uno editorial), also illustrated by herself, she bets on herself and on life, wanting to LIVE and living with WINS, because the fundamental background of this book is LIVING, loving ourselves and life, with everything, with its whites and blacks , with her tears and her laughter, because “The girl with the infinite smile also cries.”

Adelaida Guasch has the wonderful power to awaken forgotten sensations and dormant feelings, and the art of making an incredible impact. She has the ability to revolutionize all emotions and put them on their feet.

So save your fears and let yourself BE, without searching, without fear of finding (you) and, most importantly, let yourself FLY by their words.

“She is the shore that collects the remains of all my shipwrecks.”


Santiago Calleja

Writer, poet, rhapsodist.

In 2006 he won his first poetry award with  Vicios, ángeles y virtudes (ed. Novel). This book has been followed Elogio del lado oscuro (Trafford Publishing2010) and Sodoma no es lugar para el corazón (Recto Verso, 2020).

Santiago Calleja will perform as Santiago Calleja in the poetic jam session of Colors Sitges Queer Fest. But sometimes he can be seen as Ditto Parlo, a theatrical rhapsody and gaybaret, his character in Aquelarre Poético.

“Only the steps that we take on the sea, announce that one day we walked through dreams”

Ingrid Garasa

On his facebook he defines himself as Life & art Coach / Writer / teacher (creative writing & poetry).

She recites and shares poetic bites, everyday objects and origami of words and gets on the adventure of reciting in projects where original and dissident voices, like her own, accompany her.

“On the ticket you marked the end of my trip for your trip.
On the other line, someone contemplates the possibility. “



La jam session poética durará, aproximadamente, 75 minutos. Se abrirá al público con 20 minutos de micro abierto.

Debido a las medidas anti COVID, es necesario reservar plaza.

2 de octubre

A las 18:30 h.

Queenz Cocktail bar.

Taquilla inversa.