A table of authors cannot be absent at a cultural festival, because through literature we meet. Many people in the LGTBIQ + community have grown up without positive literary references. However, we have devoured any book where a character appears to represent us.

Things have changed. Much. And to speak on the subject, we have five young authors aiming high.

Colloquium title “LGTBIQ + literature: how much have we changed?

The authors and authors:

Sandra Bravo

Journalist and now also a writer.

He has published his first book All that I don’t know how to explain to my mother (Plan B) and it is being a bestseller, despite the controversy, or precisely because of it.

The second edition has just been released, despite being a book that raises blisters and calls into question traditional couple relationships, despite or precisely because of its controversy.

“If we do not review polyamory from feminism, that a woman has two boyfriends instead of one, it can mean doubling the care and oppressions.”


Pablo Wessling

You will know him because on his instagram profile he always dances with the popular Noemí Galera. And it is no wonder: Pablo is part of the Gestmusic team that is in charge of conducting the castings for the well-known program Operación Triunfo.

Now he has embarked on the adventure of being a writer and has published his first novel, Three Good Boys (Roca Editorial), which is giving him very good results and many joys.

“That the LGTB label is associated with the book, I like it.”



Martha Lovera, escritoraMartha Lovera

He is a doctor by profession, specifically an emergency room. But he started writing a couple of years ago with his first novel “Eternally in your eyes” (Ed. Hebras de Tinta).

She was born in Valencia, but not ours if not Venezuela’s, and life has led her to live next to the Mediterranean, in Alicante. It is the second time that he has come to Sitges to present his novels, which overflow with light, love of life and magic.

A little less than a week she has published her second novel, “Aquello que fuimos” (ed. Egales), which confirms that Martha has come to literature to stay.



Robert MonzonisRobert Monzonis

The youngest at the table is Robert, he is a psychologist and author of the novel “Amor D’Iu” (Ed. Parcir), his first foray into the literary world.

Robert is an author with D.O. Garraf, specifically from Cubelles. He is enthusiastic, always has a smile to give and speaks with passion and knowledge.

Amor D’Iu is a unique and instructive book. Its author offers us a novel that has a very marked pedagogical profile. The reader, following the life of the young protagonist, Iu, will be able to share with him the various ways of living and understanding complex social relationships and, above all, sexuality.


Manuel Gerardo Sánchez

Historian and veteran writer, with several books to his credit, published in his homeland, Venezuela: Blood that washes (Ediciones Puntocero, 2016) and The last day of my reign (Sudaquia Editores, 2013).

Here he has published the novel The Revolt of Insects (ed. Egales, 2020), a delicate and, at the same time, a terrible story, with a worked, beautiful, emotional prose.

Manuel Gerardo will be in charge of directing the discussion and putting the participants in trouble (or not).

“We search in words, in books, in beautiful things and in beautiful forms, the way to overshadow and overshadow what was not beautiful with us”.

La boutique de prensa pondrá un stand de venta de libros para que te lo lleves firmado y dedicado.

This event will be in Spanish and Catalan.

Thus, we propose a colloquium with young authors, a first published book, and enlivened by the music of the DJ Pilar Cordero.

Due to anti-COVID measures, it is recommended to reserve a place.

October 2nd

From 12:00 h. at 1:30 p.m.

Gardens of El Retiro.