On Sunday, in the morning session, we will screen a small sample of LGTBIQ+ short films from all over the world.

The sample will last one hour, so we have made a selection of short films that touch on various topics and whose protagonists are representative of the LGTBIQ+ collective.

Access to the majority of short films has been facilitated by the culture area of ​​the  FELGTB y Miquel Claudi-López of Queer as cinema.

Selected shorts:

Mermaid tail

Produced by ActuaVallès – Ca l’Enredus. Directed by: Alba Barbè i Serra

Animation stop-motion. 7,56′

Candidate for the best short film at the XIII Gaudí Awards.

Animated short film to raise awareness about gender diversity and the free development of identity.

Based on the book that Alba Barbè i Serra published in 2016, with Sara Carro and illustrations by Joan Turu.


Jesse James

Prod. InVisibility Productions. Directed by: Josef Steiff.

VOS. Fiction, 20′

Presented at the Santa Fe Film Festival. Jesse can’t save their relationship any longer, he can only save himself.



Directed by: Juliet y Juliana Mango.

VOS. Fiction, 8,33′

Through his struggle with gender identity, a boy stands up for himself and embarks on a difficult journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.


What is not seen

Written and directed by: Lamberto Guerra.

Fiction, 4,50′

Presented at the Festivalito La Palma and the Festival de las Estrellas.

It is never too late to be seen.


When I look at you

Written, directed and producted by: Pablo Cuadrado.

Fiction, 4,30′.

It’s difficult to paint a portrait if your model talks and moves around a lot.



Love is love

Directed by: Alessia Pischedda.

VOS. Filmed with smartphone. Fiction, 1′.

It won the Zonta Short Festival award.



3 calls

Directed by: Michèle Massé.

Filmed with smartphone. Fiction, 5′

Julia’s rights to be, work and love are questioned in three telephone conversations. Three calls that test her strength in the most important transition she made in her life: changing of gender.


Do not forget me

Directed by: Ferran Navarro-Beltrán.

Fiction, 7,26′

Second in a series of four shorts that want to give visibility to LGTBIQI+ people over 60 years of age.


Kleiner Lünner (Little liar)

Directed by: David Saborido.

VOS. Fiction, 3,32′

Social criticism, in which in a utopian universe, a small plasticine dictator can change his ideals publicly and freely. But social, political and collective pressure will not let that happen. An inclusive, unexpected and never told speech.



Directed by: Alexandra Gascón.

Fiction, 6′

Some very special tenants are moving to María Teresa’s building.


El Drac de Miuka

Written and directed by: Enzo Monzón.

Fiction, comedy, 8,26′

Miuka, see online the first photographic exhibition of Pedro Almodóvar, held at La Fresh Gallery, Madrid. She lives in Argentina and is an admirer of the filmmaker’s work. So in love that she decides to become a photographer, to somehow be connected with her idol. Drac is his assistant, his life partner, his family. He will do everything possible to make her happy.





The short film showing will last approximately 73 minutes.

Due to anti-COVID measures, it is necessary to reserve a place.

October 3

From 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Cinema El Retiro.

Reverse box office.