The motto of Colors Sitges Queer Fest is LIVE, CREATE, LOVE. And one of the most lively, creative and love-filled contests for art and culture is the Queer Talent Show.

To close the first edition of the Sitges queer cultural festival, we are organizing this competition, so that you can show your talent on stage.

Queer? What is queer? If I’m not queer, can I participate?

Broadly speaking, the queer person is one who understands and lives life and, by extension, art, differently from what is established by hegemonic society. If you are like that, different from what the social and / or artistic norms dictate, if your way of expressing yourself through music, theater, dance, show … is unique, this Queer Talent it’s for you.

(Examples in the history of music are hundreds: Boy George, Scissor Sisters, Gossip, LP, Keiynan Lonsdale, Miss Blanks, Dorian Electra, Divine…).

So, don’t be shy. The Queer Talent Show is on Sunday, October 3, on the stage of the gardens of El Retiro. The show will start at 6:00 p.m. But you must register before. You have time until September 25!

  • To participate you must be at least 16 years old.
  • Prepare a 3.5 minute number.
  • Record a video so we can see what you do.
  • Sign up for the contest at this link and send it to us, along with the information we ask for.
  • In this link you have the bases (and the prizes) where you will find much more information.

If you have any problem sending the form, you can send a direct email to, but always with the data that we ask for in the form.

Our jury is exceptional: Jordi Milán (director of La Cubana), Nacho Ruiz (Sitges Drag Queen Gala), the TV star Pablo Wessling (OT), the singer-songwriter Lydia Ruiz (La Voz) and the singer Hugo Marlo (La Voz).

Plus, we have the public vote!

Cheer up! We will wait for you.

If you are looking for the website to buy tickets for your family and friends, click on this link .