More than 590 people have visited the exhibition Queer Bodies, Diverse Minds.

On the occasion of Pride month, at Colors Sitges Link, we never tire of giving life to our beloved Sitges and visibility to our collective.

We love art and we like to share it with everyone. That is why, for the second year in a row and after the success of last year’s edition, we are organising Queer Bodies, Diverse Minds, an exhibition of works and artistic expressions that contemplates the multiple ways of expressing a single message: our bodies are unique, neither uglier nor more beautiful. They are accepted, respected and loved.

From 3 to 12 June, at the Estudi Vidal (Carrer d’en Bosc, 6), next to the Palau del Rei Moro, our exhibition Queer Bodies, Diverse Minds was attended by more than 590 visitors from different parts of Europe and Latin America, as well as local residents who were visiting our town, as well as Sitgetans and Sitgetans.

The exhibition, which aims to be a platform that gives the opportunity to expose artists with a different point of view, and aims to give visibility to local artists, promised from the first moment. On the opening day we were accompanied by around 80 people, including the councillor for Education and Traditions and Festivities, David Martínez Lluís. They were able to enjoy cava and two performances: “Queer Bodies Live” by Martin Lewton, a dialogue with the public in which he bared his queer soul as well as his body, to show us that the most queer and unique work of art is, precisely, the human body. Afterwards, Dave Laciter and Pava Roid, turned up the colours with a Shibari performance of knots, as a metaphor for what the hegemonic, the normative, the patriarchal, oppresses diverse people.

Cuerpos Queer, Diverse Minds has counted with the participation of 16 local artists and guests who have shared their art and their vision, the different ways in which to show a concept as non-normative as queer. From traditional painting to the most current design and 3D printing, as well as a mini installation, illustrations, collage and an audiovisual work. A total of 28 works that have captivated the public, curated by Montserrat Casaoliva and mounted by José el Egipcio, artists who have also exhibited. 

Among the different works we highlight a 3D printed sculpture with the title “Què Mires?” by Eloi Biosca, the illustration composed of famous cartoon characters more vindicative of Jaime Lovillo with the title “Ellos me llamaron maricón, yo lo llamo Fantasía“, the painting of the woman holding the Earth with the title “L’Ofrena” by Montserrat Fernández have been among the works that have most pleased the public. Also noteworthy for its originality are the photographic installation exhibited on different tablets by José el Egipcio, the pop-queer work “Trans cherry” by Montse Casaoliva and the audiovisual “I tu, com mires?” by Marta Vigó, with Som Barbàrie.

Under the umbrella title Queer Bodies, Diverse Minds, on Sunday 5 June we also had the opportunity to see, hear, laugh and be moved by Laura Freijo and her solo “Soy lo que estás buscando” (I am what you are looking for), in the hall of the casino suburense El Prado, which was full to capacity. On Saturday 11 June, Jaime Lovillo, introduced by our president, Pedro Martín, presented his podcast “Somos lo prohibido” and engaged in a discussion with the audience that was extremely interesting and short.

In addition to all this, there were two Special Sitges Queer Routes led by our brilliant art historian Isidre Roset, who put the icing on the cake of this initiative that has meant a before and after in the artistic contribution of Colors Sitges Link to the Sitges exhibition network.

Special mention should be made of the SEVENTEEN volunteers who, during the exhibition, opened the Estudi Vidal, handed out flyers, informed and interviewed all the visitors, and compiled a list of visitors that exceeded all expectations. Without them, the exhibition and the parallel activities would not have been possible.

We would like to thank and mention them, because such important work as they have done does not deserve anonymity: Bel, Óscar, Jordi, Laia, José, Tai, Jose, Natàlia, Martín, Susana, Manel, Leire, Quim, Dante, María and Maite, and the coordinator of the events, Prado García.

We would also like to thank all the artists who participated in the exhibition and in the parallel cultural activities for their good work, patience and collaboration.


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