That we can celebrate a Queer Talent Show and give visibility to unknown artists, dissidents and quality, representatives of the LGTBIQ + collective, is already, by itself, a success. But if on top of that the audience is packed with applause, shouts of emotion, sings with the artistes, and completely delivered, it is incredible. More than 150 people packed the Jardins del Retiro de Sitges.

Master of ceremonies La Pelos

Master of ceremonies La Pelos

Singer-songwriters, drag queen, burlesque, musical and dance groups… The Queer Talent Show had everything and high quality.

The master of ceremonies, La Pelos, was spectacular in her role as host of the event. Communicative, fun, managing time well.

The jury: from left to right, Nacho Ruiz, Lydia Ruiz, Pablo Wessling, Jordi Milan

The jury: from left to right, Nacho Ruiz, Lydia Ruiz, Pablo Wessling, Jordi Milan


Gvillermo Rueda, ganador del primer premio

Gvillermo Rueda, first prize winner

The exceptional jury, led by Jordi Milan (director of the theater group La Cubana), Nacho Ruiz (organizer of the Drag Queen Gala), television Pablo Wessling (writer and one of the people in charge of casting programs like OT, Tu cara me suena, etc.) and the singer-songwriter Lydia Ruiz, had it frankly difficult to choose the three winners. The public also voted online and their vote counted as that of a fifth member of the jury.

The awards were given by the councilors of Tourism and Culture, Luis Miguel García Alcaraz and Xavier Salmerón Carbonell respectively, as well as the president of the association Colors Sitges Link, Pedro Martín and the culture coordinator, Prado G. Velázquez.

King G, ganadora del segundo premio

King G, second prize winner


Álex Rubí, ganador del tercer premio

Álex Rubí, third prize winner

It was two hours of disparate talent, music, queer entertainment, wonderful and diverse artists who live through art and who we wanted to support and give visibility to in this first edition of the Queer Talent Show.

The associations have collaborated to make the entire Cultural Festival possible SETC Sitges English Theater Company, AJC Associació de Joves de Cubelles, Jungle Fest and the company Sweet-Life. Without their commitment and selfless help it would not have been possible.