On Sunday, July 16th, in El Retiro of Sitges. we had the privilege of witnessing an extraordinary interpretation and an exceptional staging in “LA CASA Y LA BODA, within Lorca’s boundaries,” a fusion of two scenes from the most recognized Lorca’s works: “LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA” and “BODAS DE SANGRE”. An exceptional theatrical experience that left the attending audience amazed!

On this occasion, we were immersed in a small scene that portrayed the essence of each character, evoking deep emotions rooted within them: grief, anger, and despair… A true antithesis of emotions that showed how oppression, sexual repression, and the struggle for power in a patriarchal society can lead to desperation.

The talent and masterful direction of Prado G. Velázquez, leading this CLS workshop, left us with the certainty that we were witnessing a theatrical project that deserves to be repeated on more occasions and reach more places.

“LA CASA Y LA BODA” is not just a showcase of the expressive and dramatic arts workshop, but the starting point of a great project that will be enriched with the collaboration of more artists. This group, company, or however we want to call it, has a promising future and aims to open doors to everyone who wants to join in making theater the best tool for freedom of expression.

The THEATRE WAS, IS, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE CULTURE, a living and meaningful expression that connects us with our deepest emotions.

If you missed this exceptional event, don’t worry, we’re working to give more people the opportunity to enjoy it! Stay tuned to our social media and website for future theater performances and events you won’t want to miss!