The motto of Colors Sitges Queer Fest is LIVE, CREATE, LOVE. And one of the most lively, creative and love-filled contests for art and culture is the Queer Talent Show.

Historically, Sitges has been (and is) a very talented Vila: artists that encompass all artistic expressions have lived here. And what better way to close the first edition of the Sitges queer cultural festival with a talent show?

Queer? What is queer? If I’m not queer, can I participate?

Broadly speaking, the queer person is one who understands and lives life and, by extension, art, differently from what is established by hegemonic society. If you are like that, different from what the social and / or artistic norms dictate, if your way of expressing yourself through music, theater, dance, show … is unique, this Queer Talent it’s for you.

(Examples in the history of music are hundreds: Boy George, Scissor Sisters, Gossip, LP, Keiynan Lonsdale, Miss Blanks, Dorian Electra, Divine…).

On Sunday, October 3, you have an appointment in the gardens of El Retiro. The show will start at 6:00 p.m.

Our jury is exceptional:


Jordi Milán

Sitgetan, actor and director of the La Cubana theater group.

Who does not know it?




Nacho Ruiz

Organizer of the famous Sitges Drag Queen Gala.


Pablo Wessling

El televisivo Pablo Wessling hace doblete en el Colors Sitges Queer Fest. Ahora como miembro del jurado del Queer Talent, debido a su amplia experiencia en los castings del programa de televisión Operación Triunfo (OT).

Wessling ha publicado su primer libro “Tres chicos buenos” y está encantado de que la etiqueten como novela LGTBIQ+.


Lydia Ruiz

Lydia Ruiz, in addition to being another artist with D.O. Garraf (Olivella), is a singer-songwriter and became known on the television program La Voz 2019. She was the first contestant, in the history of the program, to sing the beautiful song “Boig per tú” in Catalan.

His latest video-clip, “Ay, amiga“, the unrequited love story of two women, was premiered at the LGTBIQ+ Endimaris Sitges film festival.


Hugo Marlo.

Another television of unquestionable talent, the young singer Hugo Marlo won the “Got Talent Junior 2018” and participated in the Got Talent and La Voz contests.

Marlo is a well-known activist who makes the trans collective visible.




Queer for all audiences. Storyteller narrator. Presenter Master of ceremonies. Showoman. Narrative cabaret… In summary: Pelos is a girl with hair.

And in the Queer Talent Show she will act as master of ceremonies.



Plus, we have the public vote!

Tickets for sale at this link. Due to anti-COVID measures, it is recommended to buy them in advance.