Pre Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP is now available to everyone in Spain who fulfils the criteria to get it.
PrEP is a pill, that when taken, protects against contracting HIV.

It has meant that for the first time since the AIDS epidemic began, new cases of HIV are falling in countries where is it widely available. This has coincided with the knowledge that a person living with HIV who is on effective treatment and has an undetectable Viral Load (the amount of HIV in the blood) cannot pass on HIV to any sexual partners.

Is PrEP for you? PrEP is just one method that can be used help people to stay HIV negative. Using condoms is still very effective and has the added advantage that it protects users from other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) PrEP only protects against HIV.

To qualify for PrEP you must be a Gay or Trans man and answer positively to at least two of the following statements:
1. Had more than 10 different sexual partners in the last year.
2. Had unprotected anal sex in the last year.
3. Recreational drug use related to sex without protection in the last year.
4. Received Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) on several occasions in the last Year.
5. Tested positive for a bacterial STIs in the last year. i.e. Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia
6. HIV-negative sex workers who do not unusually use condoms.

Also is indicated for women without HIV who do sex work and do not use condoms regularly.

Before being given PrEP you will need to have some blood tests, including an HIV test.
Once you start PrEP you will need to wait a few days to allow the amount of antiretroviral drug in your body build to a level to protect you.

You will then need to go to the hospital every three months to have blood tests done and receive STI tests. Remember, PrEP only protects against HIV, so using condoms can still be useful.

Colors Sitges Link can make it easier for you to access PrEP.

Our entity has a collaboration agreement with the Public Health Service so that you can access PrEP.
If you want to access PrEP, send an email to and we will make an appointment with us and provide you with free access to PrEP.