GSL VISION 2020: Special Edition

Here’s the GSL Vision of the Year 2020 number. Special Edition

This number has been published only in digital version due to the current situation that we are experiencing this year 2020 We have also wanted to leave an opinion on the current moment and the challenges that we have before us by the director of the magazine, Cheyenne Crump, the management team of GSL, volunteers,  members of Our Association LGBTI Gay Sitges Link.

It is a very complicated year for everyone, also for Our Organization, but we are trying to move it forward and adapt and respond to the Needs that this terrible crisis forces.

Let’s move forward, with courage, with prudence and with attention to everything that happens around us.

Click on the image to access the number of the year 2020.

Thank you very much for continuing to give us your support.

Thanks to Cheyenne Crump, Juan Carlos Uriszar, Lita Imaz, Ric Spencer and Kim Costa for making GSL Vision possible every year.