LGTB Memory of Sitges

Our LGBT history in Sitges is a collective history and is part of the history of Sitges. And we want to reinvindicate that we also build history, the history of Sitges.

In an attempt to keep alive many of the aspects of LGBT life in the past, in Sitges, GSL is involved in two projects:

Rainbow route

GSL regularly organizes this activity directed by Isidre Roset. This is a walk through Sitges based on a reading based on the resignification of the most emblematic places paying special attention to the past LGTBI + of the city.

100 years of history Gai de Sitges. The LGBT History of Sitges

It is a project started by Brandon Jones, the “100 years of Gay History in Sitges” documentary video has been produced. This documentary with the support of Gay Sitges Link was presented on June 28, 2018 at Cinema Prado.

A DVD has been published that can be bought at our institution with a price of 8 euros.

Month of LGBT History

Each year, during the month of February, it is held all over the world, the month of LGTB history. Gay Sitges Link is organizing a lecture every year by Stephen Gamwell, a member of GSL and activist in the UK’s most popular LGBT history through the executive board of the School’s Out association.

The history of gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual people is under construction, weaving another and a reasoned historical discourse could help us to understand why Sitges has become so attractive to the diverse heteronormative communities.

Digital Archive of Posters

We are collecting and digitizing Signs of the entertainment venues in Sitges. Here is a sample of the Collected Posters. If you have posters please contact us to continue expanding the file.

Pósters Históricos