Rapid HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis C test service
An appointment is necessary and can be made by calling 93 811 11 66, by WhatsApp 649 012 044 or sending an email to vih@colorssitgeslink.org
The use of a mask is mandatory.

What does the rapid test consist of?
The rapid test consists of obtaining a small blood sample, just a finger prick, which will allow testing for HIV and syphilis and having the results available in 15 minutes.

How effective is the rapid HIV test?
At Colors Sitges Link we use a rapid 4th generation test that can detect the presence of HIV two weeks after any risk of infection. The efficacy of the test is very high, however, a positive result is always confirmed with a second test (Western Blot).
If the result is negative and a month has already elapsed since a possible exposure, the efficacy of the test will be 95% and the possibility of HIV infection can be ruled out definitively after 3 months have elapsed.

Who can get the rapid test?
Colors Sitges Link is an association that mainly cares the LGBTI community but anyone who has had a risk of HIV exposure or who is sexually active and wants to carry out regular HIV tests (regardless of your sex or sexual orientation) you can request an appointment for our rapid test service.

Service features
Anonymous, confidential and free.
Test result in 15 minutes.
Possibility of ruling out HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis C
Information and resources on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
Care, advice and emotional support at all times in an environment free of prejudice.

The test is carried out in a private and confidential space at our Center located in Joan Tarrida Street, 1 1st 2nd and carried out by volunteers trained from the social and health field.