We want to thank everyone and everyone who has made possible this Summer Dinner held on August 29 in La Cañateca.

From our sponsors and collaborators who this year have wanted to join Queenz Restaurant, Om BIo ​​Estética, Entrepans & Café, Incognito Restaurant, Local Bar, Winesceller, Cañateca, El Piano, La Pícara, Churrister, Bears Bar, Pizzeria Amb Gust, Les Garçons, . Jen, Julio Campos, Nick Smith, El Barbero, Royal Rooms, Les Faradais, Sauna SItges, Prowler, Jordi the Barber, Peter Polo, Mama 5, Caminaroli, 13 Llunes, Parrots Bar, Filmin, La Villa, Le Patio, Cine Club Sitges.

This very special year in which we have had to take care of each other in the face of this difficult pandemic, we have not wanted to stop organizing this solidarity event that allows us to help our organization continue to function.

This year we have also awarded the Ambassador awards, we wanted to recognize the voluntary work that the Boom Sitges company does to us by giving its support to Gay Sitges Link. Both Ferran and Jordi since the creation of Gay Sitges LInk have given all the hours of volunteering to get to have the website that we have today. We want to give thanks for this important work for all of us.

We have also recognized the work that over these two years Simon Randerson has carried out as head of the Health area, promoting a series of programs and activities in this field so necessary to promote health in the LGTBI community of Sitges.

Many thanks to the volunteers and the Secretariat for this evening so full of magic and solidarity.

You can see some of the photos in this Facebook folder.