Celebrating diversity and building a better world

Today, June 28, we celebrate LGTBIQ+ Pride Day. It’s everyone’s day, yes. The day of gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals, intersex, queers and more. And it is precisely that plus that I would like to highlight the most. The most of those who have supported us over time, not from the beginning. They have been gradually convinced. Because they are not from any of our acronyms. What they have in common with us is the empathy they have developed, the interest in knowing us, in understanding us.

Without that more we would not be here, at this moment, in this context in which we find ourselves.

We live in difficult times (no doubts about it)

The reactionaries, carcas and dusty stale, rebel against our advance in human rights. They are so afraid of us that they have generated around our image as a collective a story of LGTBIQ + ideology that not even they believe themselves, but that, from their new place of power (which was always there waiting for them, patiently, safeguarded by a “democratic transition “Light and brittle) are managing to filter credulous and hurt masses with a state that has ignored and despised them for supposedly” not at the height of politics “(let’s continue to despise Chonis and Poligoneros, that is the harvest that we are Collecting).

The system is deficient, not only with our collective and our community

The ignorant are only brought out of their ignorance with patience and truthful and well-intentioned information. From empathy it is from the only place that we can approach the intolerant out of ignorance (no offense, I do not use this language as an insult, if not as a crude reality, without subjective interpretation). The system is deficient, not only with our collective and our community, this is a fact. And this hideous right disguised as a novelty is taking advantage of this very fact to generate votes in a place where no one had ever sought them before: among the suburban population, the forgotten, the marginalized, the people who find it most difficult to find a job qualified, stable and well paid (does it sound like you? You haven’t started to empathize yet). And he has done it to invent the story that the others are to blame: the advancement of LGTBIQ + rights, the advancement of feminist rights, the advancement of social policies, the defense of immigrants … And the story has penetrated deep.

Empathy & patience

Well, to dismantle the story we must not confront it with a counter-story. If there is something we know in our community, it is empathy, it is patience, it is adding point to point. Education not imposed, education shown sincerely and with great truth. But above all with a lot of patience.

One more time and as many as necessary

We have to turn the other cheek (yes, one more time and as many as necessary). Present battle from the side, and not from the front. Respond to the supposed enemy with a: “calm, nothing happens, I understand you and I am not an enemy.” I assure you that we have more in common than it seems. But we have to be brave, patient and understanding, yes, once again and as long as it takes.

PS: I have as a rule never to sign my articles, since, as communication secretary, I am only a speaker of the association. But this time I’m going to do it with everyone’s permission, since this article is my opinion and my advice to everyone. It’s my way of looking at it.

Jose Roldán, Communications Secretary of Colors Sitges Link, Associació LGTBIQ +.