Workshop Stereotypes and representation of the LGBTQ+ community on television

2024-04-03T21:38:19+00:00April 27th, 2024|, , |

The workshop aims to explore and challenge stereotypes and representation of LGBTQ+ women on television, creating a space for reflection and proposing dynamics that allow for a critical analysis of [...]

Workshop Sexuality and sensuality within and between LGBTQ+ women, monogamies and non-monogamies

2024-02-13T14:22:21+00:00April 6th, 2024|, , |

The goal of the workshop is to explore and reflect on the diversity of sexual and sensual expressions within the LGBTQ+ community. Through practical exercises, reflection spaces, and informative resources, [...]

Myths and realities about love. Balance between partnership and friendships

2024-02-13T14:15:52+00:00March 2nd, 2024|, , |

The workshop aims to foster a deeper understanding of partnership and friendship dynamics, promoting healthier and more balanced relationships. Through participatory activities and reflective exercises, topics such as theories and [...]

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