In general terms, we understand it as:

  • The will and commitment to contribute to the improvement and transformation of people (in our case, people belonging to the LGTBIQ+ collective) and society (in our case, Sitges and, by extension, the Garraf region).
  • A form of collaboration based on the freedom and gratuitousness of people.
  • Solidarity action in specific projects, within the organised framework of the organisation, where we participate with other people with the same concerns.


In voluntary action, the person is always giving time, resources, etc., and also receiving satisfaction, learning, experience, relationships with others, etc. It is important to bear in mind that a volunteer is never a substitute for paid professional work.

Surely, because of your personal and professional experience or because of your hobbies or other experiences, you have many useful things that you can pass on to others. It is very simple: think about what issues, what needs, what solutions you can contribute and which ones are more within your reach.

The volunteer is the heart and soul of CSL.

Our volunteers are involved in various solidarity, cultural, recreational and environmental projects.

Their value has been recognised by Sitges Town Council and charities, as well as by Sitges society in general.

Here you have the video that the Sitges Town Hall made during the volunteering campaign, in which our organisation participated.

We currently have around 100 active volunteers, a number that we want to grow every day in order to contribute to CSL’s mission: to give something back to the community.

In order to know your availability we ask you to fill this form to be able to participate as a volunteer in the activities organized by Colors Sitges Link.