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Adelaida Guasch

Writer, poet, and artist. She published the poetry book "LoCURAS intensivas" and now presents her first novel, "EstrellaDa Vida," at the Palau del Rei Moro.

Don't miss it! It will enchant you.


Actress, stand-up comedian, scriptwriter, theater educator. Non-binary trans person and WINNER OF THE BRUGUERA COMIC AND GRAPHIC NOVEL AWARD 2019 for "Tierra Trágame."


Vidda Priego is one of the essential figures in the Barcelona scene. In 2023, they performed in front of 5000 people while hosting PRIDE Barcelona.


At the Sitges Queer Fest, they will host the Queer Varietés and perform, adding their sense of humor to the Friday night festivities.


IG @viddapriego

Laura freijo justo & Inma Rodríguez Solán

According to her own words, Laura Freijo Justo is a playwright who acts, an actress who writes. She is a director and writer out of necessity, a puppeteer of the performing arts and everyday life. She's a tightrope walker of the most creative madness, a storyteller with a heart, and a vestal of words, just in case.


At the Sitges Queer Fest, she will take part in the Queer Varietés with the micro-theatrical piece "Comiat" (Farewell), alongside Inma Rodríguez Solán.


Furthermore, she'll be doing a double act because the following day she will participate in the Vemouth Poétiqueer, a full-fledged poetic gathering.

Juan Carlos Uríszar

The theater is their passion. Their love for performance led them on a journey that took them to experimental, traditional, and musical theater, training in various groups and well-known schools. 24 years ago, they settled in Sitges, where they have continued to fuel their enthusiasm for theater, currently at the CSL Theater Workshop.
This great actor will perform "Arnold en el camerino," a highly personal adaptation of the opening monologue from the play "International stud," the first in the "Torch song trilogy" by Harvey Fierstein. A monologue that will make you smile and feel tender at Queer Varietés.


Nascut i criat a Vitigudino, un petit poble de la Salamanca més rural.

D'allà a les grans capitals, cal estudiar i treballar, fins a acabar a Barcelona on Labitti comença a caminar, veient l'escena ballroom i jugar amb la dansa i la seva pròpia masculinitat.

Labitti és un personatge creat que s'inspira en la pròpia identitat queer de l'artista, per experimentar amb el ball, la cultura del ballroom i la pròpia plasticitat del gènere, passat tot per tints brutalisats i fetitxistes,

Al Sitges Queer Fest participarà dins del Queer Varietés amb una dansa performatica, principalment estils de fem voguing, runway i contemporani, amb elements estètics fetitxistes (BDSM) en outfit.





Frank's White Canvas

Straight from their European tour, in an exclusive premiere.


They have graced stages like Mad Cool Festival Spain, Vive Latino Mexico, and Lollapalooza Chile, in addition to tours across the USA, Europe, Colombia, Mexico, and throughout Chile.


They are the opening act for bands like Guns N' Roses, Kiss, Nothing But Thieves, L7, Delain, among others.

And they have earned several awards such as "Rock Artist of the Year" at the 2021 Pulsar Awards, "Best Rock Album 2020" on Radio Futuro, and "Album of the Year" on iRock.


This duo will perform on Saturday night, but they will give us a little treat at the opening of the Sitges Queer Fest.

Drag King Don Amor

Einar Sánchez (she) will be the performer of Don Amor (he) with an energetic show that takes us to the streets of South America with the most danceable and powerful sounds. Gender is not the only issue represented on stage, but also the identity issue of migrant people.

Who am I if I don't even know where I come from?


What will the artist do? Sing, dance, and above all, transmit high energy.



Born on the streets of San Roque, Don Amor knows he is a dreamer. He wishes the city's laws were all about perreo (a style of dance) and dissidence, but he also understands that we cannot break the chains without first understanding them.


Instagram @d0namor.

Gvillermo Rueda

Singer and songwriter, they won the first Colors Queer Talent Show in 2021 singing an original song. Since then, they haven't stopped performing and already have several music videos and singles.


They write, sing in both English and Spanish, and play the guitar, keyboard... Their charisma will surely captivate you.


At the Sitges Queer Fest, they will participate in the Queer Varietés, performing several of their songs.

Emmie Reek

Goddess from Rio de Janeiro.


Drag Queen, singer, songwriter, dancer, actress...

Semifinalist in Una voce per San Marino 2023 and in La Voz Irlanda in 2016.


Her art, her prodigious voice, and her energy will captivate you.


Don't miss her at the Queer Varietés!


IG @emmiereek


Natàlia Domènech

Natalia is a versatile and culturally committed actress.


For the opening of Sitges Queer Fest, she has prepared a theatricalized poem by Lorca, "Ciudad sin sueño" from the poetry collection "Poeta en Nueva York."


You can't miss her at the Queer Varietés.

Elisa Lein

Elisa Lein

With my words, I train in the art of living, expressing ideas, thoughts, reasoning, or abstraction.


I run alongside events and society, I climb into the hearts of lovers, and I sail in the agony of love and heartbreak. I write and recite prose and poetry that, as an escape valve, are my triathlon in pursuit of the most precious medal. To live in freedom!


Since November 2017, she has organized poetry recitals with an LGTBI theme in the city of Barcelona, known as "Aquelarre POÉtico."


Furthermore, she has published the poetry book "De mujeres y ceniza," which you will have the opportunity to purchase and take home signed.


She will shake and lead with her art and sense of humor the Vermouth Poéticqueer.


IG @elisa_lein


Germán Chocero

Germán Chocero

Born in 2002, he is a young poet.


A poet by chance, young by conviction. He is also an artist and performer. His poetry permeates his life and is often presented to the public on slam stages, in oral poetry competitions. His artistic practice has led him to be interested in the poetic as an act of resistance.

Adelaida Guasch

Andrea Cacace

Writer, poet, and rhapsodist.


Andrea Cacace (1988) was born in Buenos Aires, grew up in Brazil, and lives in Spain. She holds a degree in Dramatic Art (USAL), is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher (Rishikul, India), and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Cultural Management (UOC).


Much to her chagrin, she is a multifaceted artist. In the field of writing, she has studied playwriting, narrative, screenwriting, and poetry. She has been writing poetry since she was ten years old and waited another twenty-three for this: her first book. She is currently working on her second book.


IG @andreapoesiacacace

Laura Freijo Justo

Laura Freijo Justo

Poet, playwright, director, and performer. I have written more than a dozen poetry books, of which I have published "I Am What You Are Looking For" and "Somewhere in the World" in e-book format. With my theatrical poetic solo "I Am What You Are Looking For," I have performed nearly ninety times, including two seasons in Barcelona and various national and international festivals. With LasCarasB, I have performed more than a dozen times. I have also created theatrical shows based on my poetry, both solo and in collaboration: "All Those Girls" (Tantarantana Teatre), "Geminianas" (with Eva Hibernia), and "I Love Only You" (Waiting for Bardot) (with Txus García).


Despite being prolific, my publications have been scarce because I have preferred to write and recite in person rather than pursue and persuade editors. There was a time when reciting was a way to breathe; I remember it fondly.


IG @laurafreijojusto

La perritaIntergalactica

La perritaIntergalactica



I am a not very arithmetic wave in a too algorithmic sea, poetry dedicated to entangling what doesn't fit in me, so that it fits even less outside.

Defender of the tacky style, my poetry is nothing more than an example that I couldn't do worse, but it heals so many wounds to do it so poorly...

First drink included with the ticket

Alice (Alice) Agostoni

Born in Milan, Italy.

She is a poet, philologist, and rhapsode.

She has a black cat, Dante, and loves to cook.
She studied foreign languages and literatures at the University of Milan.

She moved to Barcelona in 2019, where she began to write in Spanish, taking private writing classes and studying philology and literature at the University of Barcelona for a year. In September 2020, she decided to focus on writing her first poetry collection in Italian and Spanish.

She considers it magical to be able to express herself in different languages because each culture and language has a charm and a mystery that makes them unique and unrepeatable.

IG @calipsoscrive

Alice Agostoni

trizas de papel (Alexander)

Alexander Martínez, better known as Trizas De Papel, is a writer, actor, and rhapsode.

He has published two poetry books: "Encounters" and "Timeless Triangle."

He is currently studying at the School of Writing at the Ateneu Barcelonès, where he is in the third year of training to become a novelist in the three-year program offered by the school. He is also part of the poetic cultural scene in Barcelona through "Poetry Slam" platforms.
He is a member of the "Aquelarre Poético" group led by Elisa Lein, and he has also been a Poet at the "Prostíbulo Poético" directed by Sonia Barba.

This is his third year participating in the Queer Fest, where he has previously recited and last year he conducted a poetry workshop and recited.


IG @trizasdepapel


trizas de papel


(1966). He was awarded the first prize in poetry in 2005, in a competition organized by Editorial Novelarte, Córdoba (Argentina), in an open and international call, publishing: "Vices, Angels, and Virtues" in 2006 by said editorial. He studied Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and later took courses in Foreign Trade and languages, which he professionally pursued in the private sector. He is from Barcelona and resides in L'Hospitalet del Llobregat. His interest in poetry has been a constant in his life (he has been writing since adolescence).


His work oscillates between a poetic/metaphysical (magical) view of reality, sexual identity, and the realm of reflection. Beyond seeking answers, his texts pose questions, are provocative, leaving the reader with the task of extracting the message, in a wide range of themes and emotions.


Published books: "Vicios, Ángeles y Virtudes (Vices, Angels, and Virtues)” (Ed. Novelarte, 2006), "Elogio del Lado Oscuro (In Praise of the Dark Side)” (Trafford Publishing, 2010), "Sodoma no es lugar para el corazón (Sodom Is Not a Place for the Heart)" (Ed. Rapitbook, 2020).


IG @flamboyant1966


Josep Rod

Josep Rodríguez, writer of BL and creator of worlds where no one has ever been. He will debut his cyborg poems at the vermouth.


I was born in Barcelona in 1982. I hold a degree in Catalan Philology and Romance Philology, and currently, I work as a teacher in high schools.

I have published a book of educational literary tales, "Four Tales of Literature" (Ed. Hendere, 2019), in both Catalan and Spanish versions.

I am the author of two poetry books: "Bestiary in Japanese" (kdp, 2018), with music by Daniel Palomino, and "Suprematist Poems - Senryus in Malèvitx" (kdp, 2018), with design by Sheila Bonet.

This year, I am promoting my most recent book, the novel "While the Candles Last" (Voliana, 2021).

IG @haikujosep

Josep Rod

Tàdgh Ar C’Hoat (Klankaracol CO)

Tàdgh Ar C’Hoat is a human being who is dedicated to oral storytelling, music, theater, origami, and various clowning activities...
Tàdgh Ar C’Hoat, from the Klankaracol company, presents his storytelling show with live music, "Cuentajuego para la libertad" (Storygame for Freedom). For both the little ones and the not-so-little ones.
Life is a game, and it can be a fun game if we are respected and allowed to be free. With this storygame, we will play at being free.
These are inclusive stories that make a difference.


An artist with charisma who captivates the audience the moment they step on stage. Because they own it like a goddess.


A rapper, activist, queer, non-binary, in reality, no single adjective defines them. Or perhaps all of them...


They compose their own songs and are here to present their latest creation, EXPLICIT, opening the concert of the night.


King G. is a spectacle.

frank's white canvas in concert

Straight from their European tour, in an exclusive premiere,
They have graced stages such as Mad Cool Festival Spain, Vive Latino Mexico, and Lollapalooza Chile, in addition to tours across the USA, Europe, Colombia, Mexico, and throughout Chile.
They have been the opening act for bands like Guns N' Roses, Kiss, Nothing But Thieves, L7, Delain, among others.
And they have earned several awards such as "Rock Artist of the Year" at the 2021 Pulsar Awards, "Best Rock Album 2020" on Radio Futuro, and "Album of the Year" on iRock.
Get ready to groove to the rhythm of this duo!

Vicky Branch

Artist with over 10 years of experience in the Show Business. Involved in various projects, including television, music festivals, dinner shows, and even orchestras.

With training in singing and recorder at the Girona Conservatory, and later at the EMMG specializing in jazz, they began singing with the Costa Brava International Orchestra at the age of 19, entertaining at the major festivals of many Catalan towns.


At the age of 25, they signed their first record contract, which allowed them to participate in various Catalan music festivals. The most renowned was the Black Music Festival, where they performed for three consecutive years, sharing the bill with famous names such as Gloria Gaynor. The last edition of BMF they participated in, in 2018, paid tribute to Aretha Franklin and featured the virtuoso "Black Music Big Band."


In 2017, they entered the "La Voz" competition on TV5, reaching the semifinals with the sponsorship of Malú.

Now they are performing at the "Nits Màgiques de la Casa Batlló."


Last year, their jazz performance was a revelation, getting the entire audience on their feet. This year, they will be presenting a repertoire of "Motown music" that will delight your ears. Don't miss it.



Lorena S. Gimeno

Sexologist and sexual therapist.


Since 2017, she has been dedicated to providing sexual education for free through SEXUALIZADOS_AS.


On this website, she offers sexual counseling and therapy, as well as helping to cultivate sexual fantasies and increase sexual desire.


She is passionate about erotic content and has a deep respect for human sexuality.


Since 2008, she has also devoted herself to writing erotic novels and stories.

Rocío Rainvart

Graduated in Fine Arts, comic book artist, illustrator, and marketing manager of the independent publishing project Sextories Magazine.


She enjoys creating stories that speak from intimacy, vulnerability, and honesty, and demystifying preconceived ideas about eroticism and sex in pop culture, celebrating relational, gender, and body diversity, representing realities that often lack visibility.


She has collaborated for years with the magazine El Jueves, with TV3, and with the publishing Penguin Random House, where she also published her comic Machistadas.


Currently, she is working on her next graphic novel.

Nal Anahi Canela

Anahi Canela is a sexual educator specialized in erotic minorities.


She has been sharing her knowledge and insights on sexual practices, communication in relationships, and relational management for 10 years through theoretical-practical workshops, talks, and individual support.


She has participated on many occasions at SEB as well as other festivals on sexualities, giving lectures and being part of panel discussions, and has also collaborated on several occasions in radio and television programs as an expert voice.

Barda petarda

Barda Petarda is the most fabulous Drag Queen in Vilanova i la Geltrú, but don't let her antics fool you, because she's also an illustrator of inclusive stories and an LGBTI educator for young people and adults.


From 6:00 p.m. on Friday, September 29, to Sunday at 8:00 p.m., these are the stalls for artists and artisans at Queer Market 2023.


1 Cor - illustrations
2 Goodbye Sailor (Yan) - illustrations
3 Thomas Gravereau - illustrations
4 Montse Casaoliva - illustrations and books
5 skirt boys - t-shirt craft
6 Adam - queer illustrations and books AND PAINTING
7 Leo Suarez - illustrations
8 Imnotcis - stickers and fanzines
9 Cuidadokepinto - Queer crafts
10 Eva - Queer makeup
11 Nix/ Arts Carnival - designs and crafts
12 Hey Milas - illustrations
13 Roses Light

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