On July 14th, we commemorate the International Non-Binary Visibility Day, a day dedicated to promoting recognition and denouncing the social challenges that non-binary individuals face due to their gender identity.

Non-binary people are those whose gender identity does not fully align with traditional categories of male and female. The term “non-binary” encompasses a wide range of dissenting identities. However, in most countries, non-binary identity is not legally recognized, resulting in a lack of visibility and discrimination in official settings.

The basic recognition of the existence of non-binary people is a fundamental right that is not fulfilled in most parts of the world. This exposes these individuals to violence and discrimination.

During the International Non-Binary Visibility Day, we can show support in various ways. Sharing content created by non-binary individuals, highlighting collectives and identities advocating for the rights of non-binary people, speaking out against enbyphobia on social media, and consuming audiovisual content created by non-binary individuals are actions that make a difference. It is important to openly express support for the fight for rights of non-binary people. However, we must remember that this fight is not limited to a single day or awareness week, but rather a task to be carried out throughout the year.

Non-binary identity is real and deserves legal recognition.