One more year, and three, we have celebrated the Sitges Gala Sida, at the Calipolis hotel in Sitges.

The Gala Sida award went to the health volunteers, our colleagues Javier Brunet, Simon Randerson, Miguel J. Martín and Xavier Freixa.

This year has been very special, for several reasons: the first, our Gala Sida award, which we gave to our health volunteers, our colleagues Javier Brunet, Simon Randerson, Miguel J. Martín and Xavier Freixa.

In addition, we had the honor of being accompanied by Isabel Pruna, to whom a few days before we presented the Pepito Zamora award at the Nit dels Premis Sitges.

And to round off the evening, the performances that we have enjoyed this year were original, of high quality, but above all, full of youth and enthusiasm. We were accompanied by Álex Rubí, Gvillermo Rueda and King G., the three young promising winners of the Colors Queer Talent, and Yanis Stone, who astonished us at the Queer Varités, events that are part of the Colors Sitges Queer Fest cultural festival that we organize on the 29th. , September 30 and October 1, 2 and 3.

This year’s performances have been full of youth and enthusiasm, as well as high quality.

On the night of December 4, attendees had access for the first time to the image of the new health campaign that Colors Sitges Link has launched. A different image and the concept of comprehensive health that encompasses physical, emotional, social and legal health, which you can see in detail on the web

Once again, we want to thank the sponsors for their collaboration. Thanks to the donations and the prizes awarded for the raffle, valued at € 4,000, the Colors Sitges Link association has been able to raise €2,495 of funds, which will be invested in the comprehensive health, sports and culture services and programs that the association organizes month after month in our Vila.

€2,495 of funds have been raised, which will be invested in comprehensive health, sports and culture services and programs.

We can continue working for our community thanks to the human quality and the effort of our volunteers, the support of the Sitges Town Hall, the Barcelona Provincial Council and thanks to the wonderful response that we always have from you, friends, friends, supporters. For this reason, we also want to thank from here, the assistance of the more than one hundred people who wanted to share a night full of humor, music and laughter, despite the health situation. Without your participation, the Sitges Gala Sida would not have been possible.

We do not want to miss the occasion to congratulate and thank Martín Martín and the entire team of collaborators and volunteers, for the work and good work to achieve the success of the Sitges Gala AIDS: Montserrat Esquerda, Javier Pérez, Robert Webber, Joan Parellada, Pedro Martin, Marcos Renato, Bruce Findlay, Craig Griffith, Jen Woltemade, Manuel Riccardi and Prado García.

Photos by Manuel Riccardi. All the photos in facebook.